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I DM’d the co-founder of Worldcoin

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I dove into Alex Blania’s direct messages on Instagram, told how much I enjoyed his interview on Bankless. What did he reply? Nothing. He’s cute though, let’s see if I’ll eventually get a reply.

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has an exciting new project.  This project is called Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency token and a system that provides an account for humans. If you’re human, you get a World ID (if you’re not, please stop scraping my data).

This is how Worldcoin.org defines what they do: “Worldcoin aims to establish universal access to the global economy regardless of country or background. It is designed to become the world’s largest human identity and financial network, giving ownership to everyone.” In today’s world where AI is taking over the internet and it is getting more and more difficult to differentiate a real human from a bot, Worldcoin wants to offer every human the possibility to get verified for being a true, unique person. The verification is done by scanning your iris (For my fellow gymbros: it’s in your eye) by hardware called an Orb. Worldcoin has placed 34 Orbs all around the world and at the time of writing this, gotten over 2,16 million irises physically scanned. Crazy.

Worldcoin’s mission is the decentralization of identity verifications and now that Worldcoin is also a cryptocurrency, decentralized finance. This does not come as a surprise as our dear internet is already heading towards decentralization, a transition from Web2 to Web3. Makes sense for ChatGPT’s father, Sam Altman, to come up with more solutions to make the internet even powerful of a place, where more power is given to users and taken away from massive entities, like Google or Amazon.

Going to be interesting to see how the public is taking this new project in. As for now, they are freaking out, hesitant to give out biometric data – and for good reasons. More on that later.

Anyways, as I’m being left on read by Alex, let’s see what else they can take from me…


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    Update: He did reply and followed me back

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