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I applied for assistant coach

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The Leadership Challenge
James Kouzes
Barry Posner
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When I told people that I would be applying for the assistant coach position, I got some surprised but also happy and supportive reactions. To be honest I’m a bit surprised myself how excited I got about the idea. My journey in Proakatemia has had a lot of ups and downs and learning to “trust the process” took me quite a while. This year after being part of jory and acting as HR in Flip I’ve learned that having a clear role in the community is what really helps me stay motivated.


That’s why I think the role of assistant coach would be the perfect challenge for me. And even though that is truly what it would be, a challenge, I know that I can succeed when I put my mind to it. In the future I want to be the type of leader who genuinely listens to what people need and is there to make sure everyone can get their voices heard. That is what I would want to do and learn more of as an assistant coach. Of course, my reasons for applying are not only about my own learnings, I do have a lot to offer too.


Being a spokesperson is very natural to me. I’ve always been the one to try and look at everything from others perspective too, even if i didn’t completely agree with them. This is what I would want to do as assistant coach too, be someone who people feel they can reach out to and that does their best to make our community comfortable for everyone. Proakatemia is getting more and more international students and I would love to be there to help both the students and the system to adapt.


Even though I am an emphatic person and want to help others, I am strong and opinionated too. I never shy away from tough conversations and I’m not afraid to say that I disagree on something. This is why I have enjoyed being a part of jory so much and why I think I would still have a lot to offer there. Proakatemia is going through a lot of changes with the division and growing of the community, moving to new premises and our new strategy and all of those are things that I feel I could help take to the right direction. As I worked closely with creating the strategy in jory and in sustainable business team, I truly think that i would be a great choice for a person to take those forward too. Before coming to Proakatemia I wanted to study and maybe even work in politics and as a student I have always been active in “school politics”. Even though I have since decides that I want to help change the world from a bit of a different perspective, looking for flaws in different systems and having a strong urge to try and fix them still comes natural to me.


As I said before, the role of apuva would for sure be a big challenge for me and one that would help me grow. I also know that I could bring perspective and help take Proakatemia forward in especially international/bilingual and sustainability matters.


Just as a last note, writing is not my strongest skill, but I decided to push myself to make this in writing and not go the easy way of making a video. On that note – I can’t wait to tell more about my ideas in interview.





The text above is my application for next semesters assistant coach position. The new roles have not been published or perhaps even decided yet, but the group interview happened just yesterday. I decided to go ahead and publish my application and wanted to add some thoughts about the concept in general.


When telling any of my friends or family about Proakatemia, the one thing that always shocks them is how much responsibility and freedom the teampreneurs are given here. This is something clearly different from the traditional educational system and I can understand how it seems odd to many. But since Proakatemia students are future leaders, I think it only makes sense to give them leading positions already while studying. The idea of learning by doing is one that’s familiar in more traditional schools too and here that has just been taken a step forward.



In the book “The leadership challenge” the authors James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner talk about how a great leader should expect the best from people. Positive expectations genuinely influence peoples aspirations and the belief in others is essential to making extraordinary things happen. (James M. Kouzes, 2012, s. 276)This kind of thinking truly does show in Proakatemia. I’ve studied in a few different schools before coming here and in none of them was I given any real responsibilities or opportunities to freely show what I can do. Different students perform the same tasks year after year and the system is not allowed to develop. This is what I’ve learned to appreciate in Proakatemia. When we give young and enthusiastic minds the change to express themselves, we can achieve great things. At the same time the environment is one where it’s completely safe to fail too.



The same book mentioned before also talks about creating a climate of trust. The world of business is an ever changing one and the demand for collaboration is becoming more and more important in all fields. In order for any kind of teamwork to yield results there needs to be trust on all sides. Trust is also a strong predictor of employee satisfaction and anyone who has been shown trust, will have an easier time to trust others in the future. (James M. Kouzes, The leadership Challenge, 2012) This is why, again giving the students here the opportunity to take on real responsibilities and show that they are trustworthy is an incredibly valuable lesson for the future.



One thing is for sure, the current leads are going to have a tough decision ahead of them. Just being in the interview and talking with all these people who too are passionate about bettering themselves and the community around them was honestly inspiring. No matter who they land on I’m sure it will be the right decision!




James M. Kouzes, B. Z. (2012). The leadership Challenge . San Francisco .
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