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How to leverage your thesis

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Thesis was important and hard journey for me I did it for long time but in the end I got it ready in time. I think it was very beneficial that I took on a subject that I knew helped me on my career journey. I interviewed people I was interested in and made new connections. I learned new things on car event industry and got deeper knowledge on the market I’m interested in. Heres some thoughts of mine after getting my thesis ready.


I made my thesis a research paper, as theory I used interviews, articles, and my practical work in car show called Ultrace. The way I started to do my thesis was that I broke the essay down to the categories I will have in the thesis. Like Abstract, Introduction, Presenting research and articles, Interviews, and my observations of the practical work made. For me the hard part was to gather references since the area I was studying was relatively small. There was little or no research so most of my research consider the biggest car events in the world like Formula One, World Rally Championship etc.


Leveraging you thesis

What I really like to highlight from my thesis that I did it for I knew I’m going to work in future. I wanted to meet people from the area and get more in-depth view and information on the field. That really pushed me forward even in the hard times. After the thesis I got few work opportunities. We will see how they end up!


The interviews


The interviews were awesome I interviewed Matias Henkola, Roni Collin, Anni Eskeli and Lucasz Dawczyk. The people who know who these people are know that these people are very cool inspiriting people so getting into interview with them was so valuable for my thesis research. It also made the contact with them so many in future I can utilise more the bridges I’ve made. I formed series of questions each person had their own questions but the main structure was the same. And of course with every people the interview focused on some things more. It was awesome to interview and I would love to do it more.



Like on my Ultrace essay that I have earlier published I think going to Ultrace was the best decision ever. It was my summers highlight. I made such valuable contacts and saw things that opened my eyes. Like how big events are built up. How to create hype around the brand. How to gather the coolest people on same area to have the coolest vibe ever. It was phenomenal I learned so much during the event.


What to do when starting your own thesis?

So if you are starting your thesis start with what are you aiming after school if you are aiming to be entrepreneur write about something gives advantage for you in the future f.ex marketing plan. If you are like me and plan to work on some field and are going to look for job write about that it’s a good reference that you are taking the subject seriously and have taken own initiative to learn about it.


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps at your thesis journey and you can take the biggest leverage of it to your own career.

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