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How to deliver excellent customer service

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How to do excellent customer service


Customer service is the direct interaction between the customer who is making a purchase and the representative of the company. Even nowadays when companies like Amazon are trying to computerize every step of the way, they have 24 hours customer service by the phone or online. That shows how customer service is emphasized, most of retailers are in the opinion that customer service is necessary because it ensures buyer satisfaction and encourages the buyer to return.

Why is customer service important?

The company has many workers working behind the scenes, but the only workers that the customer sees are the customer service representatives. The customer service representatives are the only workers that have direct contact with the customers. So, the whole perception of the customer on the company and product is shaped by the short interaction that they have with the company’s representative. (Grant, 2022)

How to deliver excellent customer service

Be friendly. Try always to be friendly and respectful, be proactive by paying attention to the customer’s needs, and try to give a recommendation to them on how to solve or satisfy their needs.

Don’t take too long to respond. Customers appreciate quick responses when approaching online or by the phone. A good way is to promise a response or a call back within twenty-four hours, that way the customer knows how much time can it take.

You should know your product or service. While assisting customers you should know every feature of your product or service so that you ideally could explain the advantages of using your product/service, help them solve any problem that they have with it, and answer´s their questions about it.

Listen closely to your customers. Make them feel heard because sometimes that’s all they need. And they may have valid points on how to improve your product or service. By listening closely you can understand what does your customers need from you. Remember to say thank you. It is an easy way of providing excellent customer service, you can also provide free samples or a special discount to them , making them fell appreciated.

Know your customer. Get to know your customer, because when you understand what drives them, it will be easier for you to offer them personalized customer service. A great way of getting to know them is by asking questions and being interested on their answer.

Ask for feedback. Your customers are the ones paying so you should be interested in their reviews and suggestions on what to improve. Also by asking them for feedback you are telling them that their opinion is important for the company, making them feel appreciated. You should use the feedback of the customers, regularly check the feedback to see how the company’s adjustments and improvements have changed the customers opinion and experience.

Having good relationships with your customers. Having a good relationship with your customers improves the chance of them coming back to your business and also makes them more likely to give you valuable feedback, because of your good relationship they will be honest and put more thought into it.

Keeping your promises. That is a thing that I personally value a lot, if the business has made a promise, I expect them to comply with it, and if they are not able, I expect a worthy compensation. People remember when companies come throw with them and if they don’t but make it up on a other way, people also appreciate that.

Follow up. Connecting with your customer after a long time can make them feel appreciated and special and at the same time remind them of your product/service. (Indeed editorial team, 2021)


In conclusion, even with companies trying to automatize a lot of aspects of the customer’s experience, customer service still plays a big part on that. You can have a computer answering questions from customers but they are not gonna feel heard as if it was a person answering. Because the computer can not relate to they situation and the customer can sense that.


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