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How to choose the right career?

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How to choose the right career?




Choosing the right career is a big challenge. Many times, we choose the wrong career which later wastes both time and money. Later you have to repent a lot. Teacher is interested in teaching, a doctor is interested in medicines, diseases, a nurse is interested in serving patients, a policeman is interested in catching criminals, in the same way different people have different Kind of interested.


Students should adopt the same profession in which their heart feels. If you have adopted a profession in which you are not enjoying, then within a few months you will start feeling bored and you will leave that work yourself. That’s why one should always choose the profession in which one’s heart is attached. Students who have a keen interest in politics make their career in politics. In the same way, actors (actors) are interested in acting, then they adopt the same profession. A Entrepreneur is interested in business, so he adopts the same profession. Interest is everything.


Do you enjoy that profession or work?

If you are in a dilemma as to what to do, which career to adopt, then we will tell you a great trick. Ask yourself what do you enjoy doing? For example, a lawyer is very interested in law, sections of crime. He likes to fight the case very much. There is a hunger to punish the guilty and save the innocent. There is the ability to argue and cross-examine in front of the judge. A lawyer takes great pleasure in doing all these things. This work is very interesting and easy for him. The same rule applies in every field. You will be successful in the field that you enjoy. So, ask yourself what do you enjoy doing.


Different people have different qualifications


Not every person can do every work. If you do not have knowledge of science, diseases and medicines, then you cannot become a doctor. If you do not have knowledge of accounting and commerce, then you cannot become an accountant. If there is no knowledge of banking then you will not be able to become a successful bank employee. If a Entrepreneur does not have deep knowledge of the market and competitors, then he will never be able to become a successful businessman. That’s why any student should choose that career in which they have knowledge and information. Due to lack of basic qualification, a person fails in that work, due to which he regrets a lot. Society, relatives and friends also make jokes.


Consult a counselor

Nowadays many government and private organizations provide career counseling. They observe the abilities of the students and gives advice in which field they should make their career. This helps a lot. Through Aptitude Test Aptitude Test, we can easily find out about the trend of a student. Counselors give advice on the basis of that.


For example, students who want to prepare for IB, IB have an aptitude test. If he gets less marks then it shows that he does not have enough ability and inclination. Aptitude test is also taken for the students who want to become administrative officers. Online counseling has also become very popular nowadays.


Know your trends and interest in that topic according to marks

Many times, students remain very confused. They are unable to decide which course they should choose. In such a situation, marks and numbers can help you. In the subject in which the student is interested, his marks are more. From here students can choose their course. For example, if you have good marks in Biology, then you can choose courses like Doctorate, NEET, CPMT, Pharmacy. If there are good marks in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry in 1, then you can choose courses like Engineering Course, IIT, ITI. If you have good marks in commerce, then you can choose a course like Chartered Accountant CA.

But to become entrepreneur you need to study business and actually practice it lot. You will fail and learn from it but don’t just focus on the learning from your mistakes learn from others mistakes too and it’s the best advice I can gave you, and it’s called smart businessman because in order to learn you don’t have to do same mistakes that someone else have done or at least you going to be bit careful at that place.


Do not choose courses by looking at your friends


Often students choose the same course after seeing their friends. But it is absolutely wrong to do so. Your friend may have the aptitude and interest to pursue that course, but you may not.


Choose a career by looking at trends


Find out in advance what kind of job you will get by doing which course. Nowadays there is a lot of craze for courses like Management, Software Engineering, IT, Banking, Architect, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IB, Entrepreneurship and team leadership.


Students interested in fashion can choose fashion designing. Traditionally, there has been a craze for shorthand, stenographer, civil service, sector, medical, engineering, advocacy, teacher or Self-employment.


Self-employment is a very good option

Nowadays this trend has gone a lot. Qualified people do not want to do other’s job. They start their own business and, in this way, keep other people on their jobs. Other people will work from them and make money for us and we will pay little back to them as salary from what they made for us and this is the best thought. But to start your own business, you must have the ability to do business. You should have the eye and vision of doing business. There can be loss as well as profit in any new business.


“Today, the way our country has crossed the population of 8 Billion” (Worldometer 2023). “As of January 2023, there were 5.16 billion internet users worldwide” (P. Ani 2023). There is a massive opportunity for any product or service online but you need to do good market research and data anilities.


There has been a crowd of job seekers in the world. “Unemployment have raised over 3 million worldwide” (O.I.Labour 2023)

Now Millions of people fill the forms for job, this shows that unemployment has increased a lot in the world. That’s why today’s youth should adopt self-employment so that they can give jobs to themselves and people from outside can also get employment.


Nowadays every Prime Minister of every country also promoting self-employment. Loans are being given to the youth without any bank guarantee. Women are doing cottage industries like beauty parlor, incense sticks, silk, candles, pickles by taking loans.


Benefits of right career Advantages- unemployment ends, time and money are saved, the standard of living of the person improves, the problem of unemployment in the country ends, the person becomes resourceful and prosperous, able to maintain himself and his family. Disadvantages of Wrong Career- Both time and money are wasted There is a lack of marriage is delayed because nowadays no one wants to marry an unemployed person, the personal life of the person is badly affected. Countries economy breaks down, Choosing a wrong career leads to a lot of regrets.



Every student or person has complete freedom to choose his/her career (profession) but we should choose that profession whose qualification is within us. We should never adopt a profession in which we are not interested. Remember that you have to do your profession for the rest of your life so think smart.




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