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How to change your attitude. (small exercise).

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Developing the leader within you.
Jhon C. Maxwell
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How to change your attitude


This essay is the continuous part of my previous essay. Show me your attitude.


I found a very valuable method that I found in this book developing the leadership with you. So I’m trying to use this method and change my attitude against situations and challenges I have in my daily life. I hope you find it helpful too, and somehow you can find the right attitude in your challenges.


I want to start with one small story. I found it super interested. Did you know the first Marathon record was 2:55:18.4? by the American Johnny Hayes on July 24, 1908. One century later, the new Marathon record is for

Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya on September 16, 2018. He has the new world record with 2:01:39, almost one hour less from the first one.

What happened? are we humans becoming fasters? Do we know how to control wind resistance when we are ruing? Did we change our physique to get better runners?


I don’t think so, but one thing that changed is the human attitude. We can accomplish your goals if we can set them. Who’s said you are not tougher, smarter, better, harder working, more able than your competition?

It does not matter if they say you can not do it.

What matters and is the only thing that matters, is if you said it. 

I believe a leader’s attitude is caught by his followers more quickly than his actions. An attitude is reflected by others even when they don’t follow the action. An attitude can be expressed without a word being spoken.


Take a moment and think. and list those negative attitudes you possess that are influencing others now.







In team learning the team members they must play together as only one force, which brings conflicts, frustrations, each team member have their own dreams and own goal in personal life, but something that is not spoken to much in team building is the gaols of the company what are the dreams and goals for the company or for the hole team, is very important to know. And a key element to know every team member’s dreams and where they want to go, but as important is to talk about how the team members can help create the company’s dreams. How? is the path to the unknown where the team needs to go and find out the best way. With the wrong attitude to your team members, the atmosphere will be heavy and hard to work, the team’s motivation will drop, and the trust of the team members will disappear.


attitude change

  1. Identify Problem feelings.

Try to find why you have those feeling.


  1. Identify Problem Behavior

What triggers wrong feelings?

Write down actions that result in negative feelings.


  1. Identify Problem thinking.

What holds your attention determinates your actions.

Provide your self examples and provide details as much as possible and organize the information logically.


  1. Identify Right Thinking

Write on paper the thinking that is right and what you desire. Because your feelings come from your thoughts, you can control your feelings by changing one thing – your thoughts!


  1. Make a public Commitment to right thinking.

Make it Public in your team. that gives you the commitment you need to move forward.


  1. Develop a plan right thinking

This plan should include:

  • A written definition of desired right thinking.
  • A way to measure progress
  • A daily measuring of progress.
  • A person to whom you are accountable.
  • A daily diet of self-help materials.
  • Associating with right-thinking people.


The good news is that a positive attitude can replace a negative one over a while. But the battle is never over but is well worth our efforts. The more negative thoughts are weeded out and replaced by positive ones, the more personal renewal will be experienced.


It is good to know we are responsible for having control over our thoughts and our actions, and also, we are responsible for our attitude. I can’t control life, but I can control my responses to life.


You are responsible for treating people better than they treat you. Why may you ask?


And if you don’t like the way you’re treated, there’s only one course of action–to change your own behavior, because you can’t change anyone else’s.

Relationships function like a mirror. Eventually, that change will reflect back onto how you are treated.

If you want to know how others treat you, the best starting place is to look at how you treat others.


Filling my mind with good things.

Meditate on good things.

Practice good things.


Motivate yourself constantly is an excellent material to read about positive psychology. I recommend reading the book IkiGai is the key to finding your purpose or value in life. The best way to really encapsulate the overarching ideology of ikigai is by looking at the ikigai Venn diagram which displays the overlapping four main qualities: what you are good at, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and of course, what you love.


  • Maxwell, John C. 1993. Developing the leader within you. Nashville: T. Nelson.
  • apanilainen ikigai voi tuoda elämään onnea ja merkityksellisyyttä – aloita vastaamalla näihin neljään kysymykseen


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