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Growth Hacker Experience at HUBS!

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From time to time, I shared some of my learnings from the HUBS Growth Hacker experience but in this essay I would like to write a reflection essay about the whole year.


Starting 2023 with HUBS brought me great excitement to be part of the student growth hacker team. As a student from Proakatemia, HUBS has been involved in my studies and has had a huge impact on me. I won’t forget the feeling that my first experience with HUBS gave me. I had not planned to volunteer as an assistant coach for a Sprint Innovation Festival, but somehow it happened, and it was more than amazing.


Seeing the HUBS team appreciate each other and celebrate their work together made me feel that they love what they do. It was probably powerful for me because I haven’t seen many people in Korea who love their work. I think the energy came from sincere care for the team and their work. Since then, I wanted to be a part of HUBS. I wanted to learn how to work with such people. I kept trying to get involved with HUBS and was finally able to become a growth hacker when the opportunity arose.


  Picture 1: Representing HUBS at Sorsa Puisto


As many international students might have some difficulties with the language and uncertainty about whether it’s possible to get a job in Finland or not, I struggled a lot about my future in Finland. However, the growth hacker experience at HUBS gave me the courage that as long as I keep putting myself out there, the opportunities will come, and they will lead to other amazing opportunities in the future.



Picture 2: An after-party of Sprint with coach Lassi


Over a year, I not only learned the importance of entrepreneurial skills but was also able to experiment and run workshops based on my values with the support of the team. One of the most valuable things I learned was how to create workshops that were fun for the participants, with clear objectives and value for them. Whenever I needed help, I was able to get support and encouragement from the HUBS team. It made me feel safe and a part of the team.


I was able to meet many different new people, but the most special were certainly our Growth Hacker team members: Sushi, Pinja, Alil, Tatiana, and Maaz. With them, we tried to learn from each other and support each other. I once again felt how hard it is to build a team, but also how rewarding and valuable it is. I faced some conflicts with the team members, but one of the most memorable was with Mazz, how we exchanged honest feedback, and how we improved our work with openness and trust.


Picture 3 and 4: Workshops with Growth Hacker team members



Being involved in the recruitment process for a team was another big learning experience for me. We were lucky enough to have many good candidates, but we had to choose the ones that would be the best fit for the team. Although there were excellent candidates with so many different experiences and skills, they couldn’t end up in a team, not because they weren’t good enough, but simply because they weren’t a good fit for a position or a team. Anyone, including myself, who goes through a job search process becomes vulnerable and it’s easy to take the outcome personally, especially if it’s a no. But I’ve learned from this process that rejection is not because someone isn’t good enough, but more from a holistic point of view. Or sometimes it was meant to happen and that is why it would bring much more interesting other opportunities for a person.


Overall, I feel I received more than I gave from the team. It was a special year with many valuable learnings for me. In a way, I am happy to pass the position to another new team member as I think I’ve gained so much. I hope the next team will be thriving with excitement and different possibilities.




Soonie from Entre.

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