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I am filled to the brim with an overwhelming sense of excitement as I embark upon this journey of team enterprise that spans the entirety of this semester. The prospect of witnessing the gradual unfolding of our collective efforts fills me with eager anticipation. At the outset, the path we are treading seemed shrouded in a fog of confusion, but as the first week of our endeavor drew to a close, we found ourselves gradually gaining clarity and direction. It must be said that I am genuinely content with the composition of our team; each member exudes an infectious enthusiasm, ready and willing to delve headfirst into the multifaceted complexities of our work and to explore the vast expanse of potential that lies within the realm of humanities.

Our expedition into the realm of team enterprise commenced with a self-guided approach, augmented by the invaluable insights and wisdom generously shared by established teams, both on the domestic front and across international borders. The wealth of knowledge they imparted, stemming from their own experiences in launching and managing ventures, proved to be an invaluable resource as we navigated the initial stages of our journey. It is truly captivating to unravel the myriad considerations that underpin such endeavors, each layer revealing new insights and challenges to be surmounted. For instance, meticulous attention is devoted to the completion of copious paperwork, with each document serving as a crucial stepping stone towards the realization of our collective vision. Moreover, stringent background checks are conducted on each member of our team, a necessary precaution before proceeding to the subsequent stages of our venture. While it is undeniably impressive to note that certain Finnish teams have managed to navigate this process with remarkable efficiency, I find solace in the deliberate pace at which our own team operates—a pace that instills a sense of reassurance and confidence in our approach.

With painstaking deliberation, we meticulously delineated the protocols and regulations governing our fledgling enterprise, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among all team members before affixing our signatures to any contractual agreements. This included agreements necessitating the disclosure of personal information—a task undertaken with the utmost care and discretion. The allocation of roles within the team was a thoughtful process, with each member entrusted with responsibilities commensurate with their skills and expertise. Board members, business leaders, and team representatives were appointed with careful consideration, while specialized teams handling finance, communication, and administrative tasks were formed to ensure the smooth functioning of our operations. While participation in these roles was encouraged, it was by no means mandatory—a testament to the inclusive ethos that pervades our team.

The democratic selection of board members through an open voting process served as a shining example of our unwavering commitment to transparency, sincerity, and integrity. This process, characterized by its openness and inclusivity, underscored the democratic principles upon which our enterprise is founded. The task of christening our enterprise proved to be a somewhat arduous one, punctuated by occasional misunderstandings that were promptly addressed through constructive dialogue and consensus-building. It is a lesson in perspective—a reminder that negativity can be reframed into positivity through open communication and a willingness to listen to differing viewpoints. Indeed, ensuring that the voices of all team members are heard and valued remains paramount as we navigate the complexities of our venture.

The deliberations surrounding the selection of company colors, logos, and, indeed, the very name itself were particularly intricate, owing to the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within our team. To our surprise, we learned that a minimum of three name suggestions were required to mitigate the risk of potential conflicts or misalignments—a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that underpins our decision-making process. With requisite paperwork duly completed and signed, cherished moments captured during a morning session await inclusion—a task that I am resolved to undertake with the diligence it deserves.

As discussions turned towards financial matters, we found ourselves compelled to explore diverse revenue streams to cover expenses such as event galas, initial setup costs, maintenance fees, and provisions for future undertakings. A stroke of brilliance emerged from one of our team members, Siri, who proposed a novel solution: collective shifts at Siilnkari, with the earnings being pooled back into the team’s coffers—an initiative that was unanimously embraced by all. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit that animates our team—a spirit that drives us to seek innovative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Even as we contemplate the inception of new projects, the transition from conceptualization to execution presents its own set of challenges. Personally, I have always been inclined towards meticulous planning, striving to envision every facet of a project from its inception to its culmination. However, I am increasingly cognizant of the fact that this predilection for detail-oriented planning may inadvertently impede progress. Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey in Kenya, where I navigated uncharted waters through sheer grit and determination, I am reminded of the indispensable role that mistakes play in the process of growth and learning.

With approximately four years ahead of me to deepen my understanding of business and entrepreneurship, I am resolute in my commitment to embracing the inevitable learning curve and making mistakes now, rather than defer them to a later stage in life. Despite the uncertainties that lie ahead, I draw solace from the knowledge that I have the unwavering support of my team—a collective repository of knowledge, experience, and creativity, ready to lend their expertise, insights, and encouragement whenever needed. Together, we stand poised to embark on this journey of discovery, armed with optimism, determination, and a shared sense of purpose.

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