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First Proakatemia sales days experience.

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My first time experiencing Prokatemia sales days with my team was pretty interesting. 

We had a sales paja with the whole Konttori, we talked about the sales days and also about the two products that we had to choose to sell during the sales days. We ended up choosing Kiitos Kahvia. 

Our team  planned a paja on  how to organize the whole three sales days, since it was our first time. We got divided into two small groups . The first one was (B2B) Business to Business, the main focus in this group was cold calling companies and trying to sell them coffee. The second group was (B2C)  Business to Customer. We planned to have a stand and go to different neighbors, also visit schools and contacts that we had. 

On the first sales day, all Prokatemia team companies gathered in  the stage room  to celebrate the start of the start of sales days, we had a small pitch and more information about it.

 We immediately went back to our team table and started dividing the tasks and the coffee. I was in the (B2C) group, we went to platform 6 and to some companies that we had contact with. 

The second day, we also did the same thing, but this time people that were in the (B2B)  group that wanted to change to the (B2C) group did so,  we were pretty flexible with it and gave everyone the opportunity to change and try new things in order to learn. I myself changed to the (C2C) the second day  during the morning,  I had the opportunity to contact more than one company. In the afternoon we had a stand in Tullintori. I was there with two of my teammates, we had fun selling coffee there.    

The third and last day, we had time till 15.00 and after that we gathered in the stage room to know the winners and celebrate them. We learned a lot, how to organize better, communicate better and so many other things. 

After the sales days we had a  feedback paja, to give everyone within the team the space to express how they felt during this new experience. I would say that we learned a lot from this Proakatemia sales days , both as a team and as individuals. 

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