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Finding “your thing”

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It is said in many research that it is better for every one that employee is motivated in the work place. The word motivation is hypothetical and behind the word motivation is passion and enthusiasm. You must have something, you are going somewhere, and your work is taking you forward to reach it. Whether it is a dream house, dream job, creating your own company or else. For a employer it is important to knowledge that you can get the best workers by seeking out what is their goal with this job. How could I help them to reach their goal? This way they want to do their job well and seek out better ways to do things.


I haven´t had the change until now on the few years I have been in Proakatemia. Before Proakatemia I have worked in multiple different jobs most of them physical for example Warehouse worker and Construction worker. I like these jobs but I´m not passionate about them. So when the time went on I started to be more and more unmotivated when the time went on. And naturally when human feels unmotivated, they are less efficient in the work they are doing. So, I started to look for a school that would fit me. I was interested about business, and I had already some investments. Also doing my own thing interested me. So, I started to look for schools and Proakatemia sounded like a school I would fit. I was right.


In proakatemia I´ve had had the possibility to join in multiple different projects that I´ve liked a lot. And even started off my own Limited company outside the co-operative company we have with my Proakatemia Team. One big thing that I´ve now realized when I have had the ability to take apart on projects I´m truly interested about I´m lot more effective than I have previously thought. It is lot easier to get myself to do even those uncomfortable things when you love what you are doing.


Work with Viiskakkonen.


We with 4 of my friends created a limited company and started off with doing sauna related business. In there our efficiency is completely up to us. No one is there to push us forward but us, therefore it is important to have something that you are genuinely interested about to move forward and make your work better. We in Viiskakkonen share roles with each other inside the company that meets our area of our interest to get the best results. And we don´t stop keeping this in mind as we go forward with our work.


We have achived cool things already and I´ve had awesome experience´s when going forward with our stuff. We for example took a part into GSEA company competition and presented our company and business idea there for judges. We dropped in the first qualifying, but the experience was great.


My work at Polestar


I last summer I had an unique to work for really cool project. Helena Riihitupa Oy. Was looking for freelancers to work as an Promoter for electric car brand called Polestar. Polestar was familiar brand for me. But there was a problem. I was unable to work for them and couldn´t apply for the job. But one of the best friends of mine got the place and hurt their leg 2 weeks into the project and I was lucky enough that he gave a tip about me for their leader and applied for the job. I filled my resume and called them, and I was lucky enough to get the job.

My job tittle was Polestar Specialist. So cool, isn’t it? My job was to present the car for the customer and provide the best possible experience for the customer I could create for them. In the start I had to collect high amount of information and as you can guess a car contains many complicated parts and needs advanced knowledge. The way I handled this was that I spent my evenings before the workdays collecting information from Polestar training site and digged through news reports and reviews about the car.


My job description was to welcome the customer check their driver’s license and then go on a test drive with them and after the test drive I asked could we be in touch with them later with additional information about the car. The way I did this I started off with the customer I began with breaking the ice with questions like: Is the brand familiar to you? What car are you driving now? What brought you to test drive this car? From this I was able to build up a conversation that matched their needs the best. There were many different needs although it was the same car that they were trying out. Some people were more interested on the range of the car: How winter for example affected to it? Some people were interested about the performance capabilities of the car, some were interested will their bag fit the trunk. My mission was to find out what their need is and answer to it.


I loved this job and it showed in the work I did. I got positive feedback from the customers and the leaders because I enjoyed what I did. I was able to channel my enthusiasm for the customers which made the customers experience better.


This is what we must do. Find things that we are genuinely interested about this will make you more focused, motivated, creative and you are more willing to work longer hours when you like your job.


I´m now in the process of figuring out even more clearly what I´m going to do after school and try to optimize my workload in a way it is sustainable. Time is limited and you also need time for your partner, friends, and family. It´s good to find good balance between everything you do.


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