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Finding the way in the tech startup world without weing a technician

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Michael Seibel
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Launching a tech startup without technical skills can seem like an insurmountable challenge. This theme is explored in depth by Michael Seibel and Dalton Caldwell in their podcast “How To Build A Tech Startup With No Technical Skills”. Their discussion offers valuable perspectives for anyone in this situation, illustrated by my own journey with Koloka, a project aimed at simplifying shared housing.

The importance of a technical partner

The podcast emphasizes a crucial point: the most successful startups are often those that benefit from the close collaboration between a visionary and a technician. This dynamic duo allows for ambitious ideas to be transformed into functional and innovative products. At Koloka, although we started with a clear idea, the technical realization rested on the shoulders of our developer friends, highlighting the vital importance of having technical skills within the founding team.

Navigating without technical skills

The discussion between Seibel and Caldwell sheds light on the inherent challenges of launching a tech startup without a solid technical foundation. This reality personally pushed me to embark on learning development, seeking to gain a sufficient understanding to navigate the technical challenges of Koloka. Balancing this new quest for knowledge with my economics studies was not without difficulty, but it was necessary for our project’s success.

The team: the heart of the startup

A key lesson from the podcast is the importance of building a balanced team from the start. A startup founded without technical skills risks compromising its ability to attract and retain high-level engineering talent. The Koloka experience showed me that starting with a team that has internal technical skills fosters a culture of innovation and attracts other talents, creating a virtuous circle of growth and development.

The quest for the ideal co-founder

Seibel and Caldwell stress the importance of not limiting oneself in the search for a technical co-founder. Finding someone who shares your vision and passion is essential for creating a successful tech company. This quest can be demanding, but it is fundamental for long-term success. This is a lesson we took to heart in developing Koloka, working tirelessly to find the right skills that complement our vision.


The podcast “How To Build A Tech Startup With No Technical Skills” by Michael Seibel and Dalton Caldwell offers essential advice for navigating the complex landscape of tech startups without being a technician yourself. My experience with Koloka reflects many points raised in their discussion, testifying to the difficulty and reward of turning a vision into reality. It’s a journey that requires not just a solid idea but also a willingness to learn, adapt, and closely collaborate with those who have the technical skills to realize that vision.


Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpKu2wvquWg

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