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Find your why -Simon Sinek

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Find your why
Simon Sinek
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Find your why by Simon Sinek


Find your why is a book that gives you tools to figure out what is the deep reason behind you are so driven to certain things. When acknowledging it will help you to find a career that fits your WHY. In this book, Simon tells about the process and steps of how you can reach your why and tells what is needed in the process of doing it. Simon goes through 3 different types of WHY´s individual, team and company WHY what  I really like about it gives you actual precise steps how to do it but as a reader that is not doing the process and is just reading it for an essay it really hard to read it sometimes. To me, the first chapter was good when Simon talked about the process of how they came up with the subject of this book with David and Peter.


So do you know your why? Many people just do their job and just live their life without thinking about their job any more than they get some money out of it and they don’t hate it too much. The problem with this is that they are kind of doing something that they like but the work they do doesn’t necessarily align with their why that’s why so many people don’t feel fulfilled in their work and live too much of their daily lives waiting for the next weekend and paycheck.

Simon Sinek´s book tells what is your why and advice how you can reach it as a person, company, or as a team. It has a good start to it, and it continues with talking about what is WHY and why finding your WHY is important. In the different chapters, Simon goes through different ways and tools to find your why and goes through different ways how you can implement them in practice in different environments.


How we get people doing work they feel fulfilled in?


So if you align your work with your why you will become more motivated, efficient, learn quicker, and feel more fulfilled. Why aren’t people doing it then? It needs an uncomfortable work with yourself and most people just want to avoid uncomfortable situations like that. Of course, it might be uncomfortable in short term but in the long term, it gives you so much more joy. Finding your WHY can be a short or a long process because we all are in different states and some people might have found their why without even consciously trying to find it. This process is easier for people that are naturally more self-aware already. If you´re not already a self-aware person before getting into this process it would be necessary to learn it even in some way. The process to become more self-aware and being good at it is a long and hard process and to actually get what I mean by this you have to experience the process about it yourself. What I mean by becoming more self-aware and why it is so important in the process of figuring out your WHY is that finding your why requires a lot of self-reflecting from your past and it requires you to find the emotions you felt in a certain situation and to recognize the feelings you´ve had you have to be a self-aware person even at some level. When you figure out your why it makes it easier to find a career for yourself that aligns with your WHY and where you feel more fulfilled. When you find a job that you feel fulfilled in you will feel more valuable and you will become more efficient in your job.


What about me?


People who know me know how much I reflect on situations that I´ve been in with myself. I’m in the process of mastering self-talking. Self-talk is the ultimate weapon when it comes to improving yourself, but it is a fine line that you´re balancing in when it’s healthy and when it is too much self-criticism. I´ve been following Simon Sinek´s content on Instagram and YouTube for years and I love his way of talking. Years ago, I was really desperate I didn’t like my job I didn´t feel fulfilled in my daily life and I wasn´t happy with my life at all. I kind of knew it all the time but just lived with it and always thought that something better was coming until I had a rough year in 2019. In 2019 I realized that I must change I can’t live this way anymore I have to get to some other place and quickly. I slowly started to educate myself about investing I started to set goals for myself and started to become more self-aware. And then I found it, My dream my life goal. Entrepreneurship was like a glowing treasure box in Infront of me but I had no idea how to do it. And I started to discuss about it with my friends but never really got the support from around me that I  would have needed. I was kind of lost and was going in a direction I didn’t know at all. I moved to Tampere and didn’t know at all what was waiting for me, I was completely alone with myself. But then in 2020, I got it little help in the direction that I was going to. I got a school place from Proakatemia. Why was it so important for me? When finding your WHY the environment that you are in is important because in the process of it you need other people, and the other people affect your way of thinking more than you maybe realize. In Proakatemia, I was finally surrounded by like-minded people that liked to think outside the box and like to challenge themselves. Because of this, my goal of becoming an entrepreneur came a lot clearer and more reachable than it was before. I think that I must now start figuring out what is my WHY too because I’m on the right path, but I don’t know yet WHY am I so driven to it?


Starting to find your why


I will focus this more on the situation you are figuring out your individual WHY. My advice for the steps would be: Become more self-aware, start thinking about what you love to do, figure out why you love the things you love what isn´t the reason behind your interests, then slightly start the transition to doing the thing you love if you are not already doing it. This process is not easy but will bring you so much more value and fulfillment than just sitting in the job you can’t see your why in. After all, people usually spend 40 hours of their week doing a job and it is a huge amount of time when thinking about it and looking at it not only from the time´s perspective it also usually affects what you think about in your free time and how you see yourself too and how you value your skills. When you do what really like the quality of your work will be a lot better also when you have the enthusiasm towards the subject you’re working on.




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