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Feedback: Role of Innovation in Business Success

Kirjoittanut: Tuuli-Emily Liivat - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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This essay aims to provide feedback for Emil Makkula’s essay on the role of innovation in business success.

The role of innovation is a term Proakatemia’s teampreneurs are very familiar with: we are expected to learn and utilise innovating as a part of our business practices and study curricula. I was particularly interested in the topic as I have delved into the topic previously in my own essays and also held a training session on the topic to my team.

Emil’s essay was an exciting read. The writer outlined the essay by first introducing why the topic is relevant and also provided ideas on creating an innovative environment.

The essay provided a solid argument for the importance of innovation in business success and offered practical strategies that businesses can use to foster innovation in their own workplaces and communities. It’s great that the writer emphasized that innovation isn’t just about creating new products or services but also about improving processes and operations, which is often overlooked. Emil’s inclusion of the Business Victoria’s article’s nine steps for creating an innovative environment is helpful, but the tactic could have been improved if you had provided examples or explanations for each step to give readers a better understanding of how to implement them.

Additionally, your suggestions of investing in research and development, embracing open innovation, and fostering a startup mentality are excellent strategies for promoting innovation.
However, it would have been beneficial to explain how businesses can go about implementing these strategies and the potential challenges they may face during the process.

Overall, your essay effectively highlights the importance of innovation and offers some useful strategies to foster innovation in businesses. If you expand on some of your ideas and provide more concrete examples, the essay could provide even more excellent additional value.

Essay. Makkula, E. The Role of Innovation in Business Success. 4.5.2023. Read on 4.5.2023.

ChatGPT was used to give feedback on the article in Business Victoria’s 9 steps to improve business practices and altered to be more precise and contextually correct.

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