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Feedback essay

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Feedback essay 


First essay l read was from Marcos and it was about Psychological safety. 




This essay provides a good understanding of the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and the impact it can have on team performance. The example of the Chernobyl disaster effectively illustrates the consequences of a lack of psychological safety in a high-risk environment. You also effectively highlight the benefits of creating a psychologically safe workplace, such as improved employee engagement, creativity, and overall performance. 

The essay’s structure and organization are clear and easy to follow, with each section focused on a specific topic related to psychological safety. 

However, there are a few areas where the essay could be improved. Firstly, while the example of a sea captain’s job and the Chernobyl disaster illustrate the importance of psychological safety, more examples from different industries could have been included to provide a broader perspective. 

This essay provides a strong introduction to the topic of psychological safety and effectively highlights its importance in the workplace.  


The second essay l read was from Aman and it was about Facebook marketing. 




The essay discusses Facebook marketing, its benefits, and Facebook content strategy. The essay explains Facebook as a social media platform and its potential for marketing. The essay highlights the different types of Facebook campaigns: awareness, consideration, and conversion. It also emphasizes the importance of Facebook content strategy and its elements such as audience analysis, post frequency, content type, and hashtags. 

The essay is a good introduction to Facebook marketing. It provides an overview of the different types of Facebook campaigns and the benefits of using Facebook for marketing purposes. The essay also presents the elements of Facebook content strategy in a clear and concise manner. 

However, the essay lacks proper organization and structure. It would be more effective if the information were arranged in a logical order. For example, the essay could start with an introduction to Facebook marketing, followed by a discussion of its benefits, types of campaigns, and Facebook content strategy. 

Moreover, the essay lacks depth and analysis. It only provides surface-level information about Facebook marketing and does not delve into the complexities of the topic. The essay could be improved by including case studies, statistics, and expert opinions to support its claims. 

Overall, the essay provides a basic understanding of Facebook marketing, but it needs improvement in terms of organization and analysis to be more effective. 


The third essay l read was from Emil and it was about Essential leadership skills in entrepreneurship 




This essay provides a clear and concise overview of the essential leadership practices required for successful entrepreneurship in the 2020s. It effectively highlights the importance of strategic thinking and decision-making, adaptability, effective communication, collaboration, innovation, resilience, and emotional intelligence in navigating the constantly changing business landscape and capitalizing on opportunities. 

The essay is well-structured with each leadership practice given its own paragraph, making it easy for the reader to follow and understand. The writer also provides examples and explanations to support each point, making the essay informative and insightful. 

One improvement that could be made is to provide more specific examples of how these leadership practices can be applied in the context of entrepreneurship. For instance, the writer could provide examples of successful entrepreneurs who have demonstrated these skills and how they were able to achieve success. 

Overall, this essay effectively communicates the importance of these leadership practices for successful entrepreneurship in the 2020s and provides a useful guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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