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To continue the habit of reading my teammates’ essays and giving feedback on those, I will be taking a closer look at Hassan Chakir’s essay “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS ITS HISTORY? HOW IT WORKS?” I decided to read this particular piece because the topic interests me and the essay was published very recently, which gives my feedback extra value and relevancy.

To start off the essay Hassan introduces the reader to what the AI is and why the topic is relevant. This is done in a very smooth way, which does not bore the reader but actually makes them understand how something so seemingly distant as AI actually is closer to everyone than expected. Hassan mentions the concerns affiliated with AI, but the focus is directed at the benefits of AI. This is smart, because it sets the stone for the rest of the essay.

After the introduction, Hassan progresses to give an in-depth explanation of what AI is and what it exactly is being used for. He explains how they can be used for a variety of things, but how they can be impactful especially for businesses. He shares examples of SAS, Siri and Alexa to support his arguments which provides the text with great texture.

Next, Hassan talks about the history of AI. This is a smart move, in my opinion, because many readers (me included) might assume that AI is something very new due to the recent media attention it’s gotten. Hassan includes a figure of AI timeline, which puts all the information given in a timeline. This figure fits here very well, and it helps the reader to understand the history better.

Lastly, having explained what AI is and what it’s history includes, Hassan answers the question of how the AI works. To model this, he uses ChatGPT as a case study. This is wise, because ChatGPT is one of those very reasons the AI is being discussed everywhere nowadays. Hassan uses a figure here too, which complements the text very well.

In conclusion, this essay is a very thoroughly put-together and it does a good job of putting a complex topic in an easily digestible form. It is well-written and I also like the length of it. Something to be mentioned is that the essay could’ve benefitted from more references.

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