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The library of essays of Proakatemia

Feedback essay 1 (“Marketing, is it selling or advertising” by Soonie)

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One big thing I’ve lacked in my studies is that I rarely read my team members’ essays. To change this, I’ve decided to start writing feedback essays. I think that reading others’ essays is a great way to get a bite of the knowledge we have in the team and learn something new that I can use in my own professional development. I also like to think that I have valuable feedback to give, and by giving it I can help my teammates to improve and develop themselves.

The essay I will be giving feedback on is “Marketing, is it selling or advertising?” by Seungyeon Shin (Soonie).

Marketing, Is it selling or advertising? – The library of essays of Proakatemia

At first scroll-through, the essay looks compact and neat, which is really nice from the reader’s perspective. It makes the reader want to dive in to the topic. To bind the reader even further, Soonie starts the essay with a question that engages the customer and gets them ready for the topic that’s incoming. After this she promptly answer the question herself, which opens the title.

In the second paragraph Soonie answers the question with the actual definition gotten from a reliable source. After this she goes and elaborates what the aim of the essay is, and what the reader is expected to gain from it. This is very straightforward and fair in my opinion, because it saves the reader from the trouble of reading it, if it’s not a topic they’re actually interested in. The aim of the essay is to learn a few first steps of the marketing process.

First of these steps is understanding the marketplace and customer needs and wants. To reach the goals she has set for the reader, Soonie defines what is meant by needs and wants. This is great because it helps the reader understand the bigger picture. She also engages the readers again by giving them actual tools they can use to define their target customers and their wants/needs. To further help readers understand the marketplace, Soonie goes in-depth about what market is and what marketing is all about and what potential dangers might occur there. She mentions a phenomenon called Marketing Myopia, which adds nice texture to the text.

Second of these aforementioned steps is designing a customer value-driven marketing strategy. To aid the reader to reach their goals in learning the subject at-hand, Soonie shares her own experiences and tools she has learnt. These tools and experiences suit the context very well and give the text more “muscle around the bones”.

In conclusion, the essay is very well structured, it uses references very well to support information-sharing, and includes pictures and rhetorical questions to engage the reader. The topic is interesting and overall, the essay is easy to read. The essay itself is quite short, however, and leaves the reader wondering why the last three steps of the marketing process were left aside. Why not include all of them?

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