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The library of essays of Proakatemia


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Feedback essay


I was scrolling throw essaybank to find essays to read and write feedback about and I came across the essay “Smartphones Killing Creativity” written by Ariel Cohen. The title drew me in instantly as I use a lot my smartphone and I wanted to see how it is impacting my creativity.

I enjoyed how this essay brings up important topics as our addiction to smartphones and our need to be constantly stimulated may be affecting our creativity. Ariel questions why do we have to fill every moment of boredom with screentime and how this may be affecting our creativity. It is explored the concept of creative pauses that consist on moments of boredom being beneficial for creative thinking and Ariel argues that by us being dependent on our smartphones and using them all the time, we are missing out on that kind of moments. In this essay is also mentioned the addictive nature of smartphones and how it can lead in to a dependency for constant stimulation.

One thing I liked about this essay is that Ariel brings up topics that make me think, like our dependence to smartphones and its impact. Ariel backs his argument with reference to studies and experts. It is also highlighted in the essay the possible impact that constant smartphone usage may have on younger generations.

One thing that maybe could be improved would be having a more clear structure, dividing the topic in to clear subtopics and paragraphs.

In conclusion I enjoyed a lot reading the essay “Smartphones Killing Creativity” as it is thought-provoking. Ariel present well made arguments that show the possible negative impacts of smartphone usage on creativity.

Smartphones killing creativity – The library of essays of Proakatemia


The second essay I will be writhing feedback on is “Psychological safety” by Marcos Heinonen. This essay interested me as psychological safety is such an important topic, and every team should thrive to be as psychological safe as possible.

This essay emphasizes the importance of psychological safety in making a team work, communicate and problem solve effectively. The role of a sea captain is used as an example to highlight the significance of crew members feeling at ease to voice concerns in a high-stakes working situation.

The devastating Chernobyl disaster is mentioned in the essay as an depiction of the effects of the absence of psychological safety at a high risk workplace. It claims that the ineffective communication and fear-driven work culture had a significant impact on the disaster, emphasizing the demand for psychological safety in high-risk industries.

A thing i liked a lot is that the essay provides helpful advice on how to make a team more psychologically safe, including how to approach conflict as a facilitator, communicate with one another on a personal level, adopt a growth mindset, and ask for feedback. The essay also discusses the distinction between management and leadership, highlighting the fact that a good leader promotes open communication and fosters an atmosphere where team members can create value in a secure environment. It also goes into the functions of managers and coaches in a football team, demonstrating how various duties are distributed among team members.

A thing that could have been improved would be by providing more research to prove the arguments made in the essay. Also Marcos could have gone more in to detail about the role of a leader in the teams psychological safety.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed reading this essay as it communicated clearly the importance of psychological safety in teams and provides actual examples and concreate steps on how to promote it In the team, a thing that could have been better would have been providing more research on the topic to back up the points made as well as expanding more in the notion of leadership relating to psychological safety.

Psychological safety – The library of essays of Proakatemia



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