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Essay about gratitude

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1    Introduction. 3

2    Wealthy western world. 4

3    Modern mental issues. 5

4    The future is not doomed. 6

5    Anchestors. 7

6    Children. 8



1      Introduction



Couple of weeks back i was reading an article that featured an insufferable woman. She was complaining about the world being a mess with climate change, wars and future problems. She also talked about the different mental issues she has.


She finished her rant by proudly stating that she would never have kids because the world is a mess, and she would never want to pass such a world to her kids. After reading it, i felt such enormous fury at her. The ungratefulness she had, and her unwillingness to take responsibility for her life. It inspired me to write an entire essay refuting the points she made. Hopefully this essay will make you understand how grateful you should be, and understand that you do not live your life only for yourself. You carry a certain responsibility for your ancestors.

2      Wealthy western world


The story of our civilization is a colourful one. We have gone through countless wars, diseases, crises, famines, and revolutions. We continuously go through these because they are an integral part of our existence.


But despite our suffering, we have managed to create a world that is more advanced than anything we have previously seen. Despite our current problems, we in the western world enjoy far wealthier lives than the richest men living 200 years ago.


Access to medicine allows you to live an average of 80 years, which was previously unimaginable. The choices you have in the supermarket when shopping, not to mention the number of different things you can study, often for free and anywhere you wish due to the magic of the internet.


For the first time in human history, we live in a world of abundance. There used to be too little resources which caused people to suffer. Nowadays we have an abundance, and ungrateful people are getting annoyed at the number of choices they have in a supermarket.


The people who have the most to be grateful for are the least grateful, and the people who have the least to be grateful for always have the most gratitude. Westerners for example consider school to be a responsibility, while poorer parts of the world consider it a privilege.



3      Modern mental issues

I used to have a belief that i was bad in math, i developed it in school because i did not do well in math tests. This belief carried on into adulthood, even after i started working as a game developer. The reality is that i would have never been able to work as a game developer without math knowledge. Game development is notoriously difficult, and you need to understand complicated math formulas. I only worked as a game developer for little less than a year, but i still had to have an advanced understanding of mathematics. Only after i made this realization i started to think maybe i do have some talent in mathematics, which gave me the confidence to start learning web development. My point is that beliefs about ourselves give us power, or take it away from us.


I think a lot of people in the western world are walking around saying they are riddled with mental illnesses like depression while never having been diagnosed with any of them. I am not denying the existence of mental illnesses, but i argue they are far rarer than people think. Life contains a fair bit of mental anguish. Going through negative feelings does not mean you have mental illnesses. If you go through life believing that you have depression, then you will eventually develop clinical depression.


Our rich modern world is riddled with more mental diseases than ever before, often social media is blamed for this. Researchers found that college-wide Facebook access led to a 7% increase in severe depression among students (National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 69)


We are so weak that we complain how these amazing tools designed to help us cause us sorrow. As if Facebook is responsible for causing us misery. People should realize that they alone are responsible for their own happiness and unhappiness.

4      The future is not doomed


After Oppenheimer helped create the first nuclear bomb, he was worried that it would lead to humanity destroying itself. He was concerned that in future wars, nations would destroy each other with nukes, because it was the most powerful weapon in their arsenal.


Up until the invention of the atomic bomb, wars were always fought with the most advanced weaponry. There was not really a need to restrict the use of weapons.


There now exists 12, 705 nuclear warheads (Statista) and still the last time nuclear bombs were used is Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war.


Instead of humans destroying ourselves we developed the MAD strategy. A military doctrine which posits that a full-scale use of nuclear weapons would cause complete annihilation of both the attacker and defender (Mutually assured destruction)


Oppenheimer created a problem which future generations found an answer to through the MAD doctrine.


Currently we are worried that we will destroy ourselves due to our rapid production and technological revolution which causes climate change. I believe this is our generations “atomic bomb problem”, which nobody has yet developed a solution for.


No one knows what kind of solution the future generation will come up with, but i am sure it will be a spectacular one. I hope to still be alive to witness the solution.


5      Anchestors

If i only had the power to resurrect the ancestors of this ungrateful woman and ask what they think of her. I am sure most of them would show visible disgust. These ancestors made enormous sacrifices so that she could live the life she is living right now. They fought wars, went through hardship, and did backbreaking work. Through some kind of a miracle, they were able to create an unbroken chain of descendants which eventually led to her.


It doesn’t matter if she wants to even comprehend this, but she is the amalgamation of all her previous ancestors. This places certain expectations and responsibility on her shoulders. So many contributions were made so that she could live. She is selfish to think that she is living for herself. She has a responsibility to carry on her family name.


The least she can do in this world is learn to live correctly, this means to strive to be the greatest and possibly have kids which carry on her spirit. Otherwise, all the sacrifices were for nothing. This brings me to my final point.



6      Children


Every single human has a responsibility to contribute something impactful to the world, we owe it to our own ancestors and everyone who came before us.


Leonidas I was a great spartan king who lived till he was around 60 years old but during his short life he managed to accomplish so much that we still discuss his deeds, and even create media about his accomplishments. (Leonidas I) His spirit has essentially acquired immortality.


Charles XII was a Swedish king who dedicated his life to warfare. He managed to conquer most of Europe and rule over it during his life. He never married or had kids, as he dedicated his entire life to warfare. (Charles XII of Sweden) This amazing feat required him to sacrifice his lineage, but you could make a case that his legacy was still equally impactful. His ancestors might not agree with such a sacrifice, but they would understand it and respect him as a man. Great feats sometime require great sacrifices.


For the majority of us mortals, kids are the best way to contribute something long lasting and meaningful to the world. I consider people who don’t ever want to have kids sick with ignorance. Essentially, they are rejecting immortality which mother nature graciously offers them. Why parents go through all the pain and suffering of raising kids is because it gives you immortality. Your children will carry on your spirit.


It is acceptable to not want kids if you strive for greatness and are willing to sacrifice them for your impact like Charles XII. People who are not striving for greatness or raising kids are ungrateful. Your ancestors would look upon you with disappointment. You do not live your life for yourself, you carry the spirit of all your ancestors and they have placed a responsibility on your shoulders. There is no excuse to disappoint them.


Besides if your reasoning for not wanting to have kids is because the world is filled with problems, you not having kids is not a solution to any of them. You are essentially throwing your hands in the air in defeat.


The people who have the capacities to fix these problems are the future generations. The logical solution is having children and raising them correctly, so that they have a chance to tackle the problems and find solutions for our current problems.


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