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Entrecomp as a tool to identify your competence

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In this essay, I would like to learn more deeply about Entrecomp: European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.


In the previous essay “Strong Back, Soft Front, and Wild Heart”, I briefly mentioned this when I introduced the definition of entrepreneurship. But as I have encountered Entrecomp quite often so far, I thought it was worth understanding deeper about it.


We all know and feel that the world is changing so fast that it is difficult to imagine or draw a picture of future life, such as the future working environment and the future job market. An article about the theory of Planetary Social Pedagogy explains the current political strategy for a sustainable future that focuses on economic and technological progress would not be enough to make the required changes. The article was quite theory-based, so it was difficult to understand, but there was a part that I could also relate to. It says that a sustainable future cannot be built without learning from history; indeed, the future is the result of our collective actions in the present and the past. Many young people find it difficult to have experiences that have a positive impact on the future, as the future often seems to be rapidly changing and uncertain. (Salonen et al., 2023)


Entrecomp is a comprehensive and multi-purpose framework that helps you understand what it means by entrepreneurship. It sees entrepreneurship as an important lifelong competence that can be utilized in your workplace. Entrecomp defines an entrepreneurial mindset as the creation of a shared understanding of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that are acting upon opportunities/ ideas and transforming them into values for others. The values can be social, financial, and cultural. I believe the value of Entrecomp is that it isn’t only for entrepreneurs, but it can be used in every field such as civil society, companies, education, youth work, communities, startups, and individuals. For example, taking the initiative and implementing ideas while getting team members on board is an entrepreneurial skill that can be useful in fundraising for a sports team. One of HUBS’ mottos is “We believe that every university student needs entrepreneurial skills”, and Entrecomp is often mentioned as a reference for it.


Image 1: Entrecomp ( European Union, 2018)


Not only at HUBS, but we should also learn and use Entrecomp more as a tool to identify the skills we gain at Proakatemia. Identifying skills is hard for many students but I believe in a learning environment like Proakatemia is harder, as we are not taking courses that teach hard skills. Entrecomp is made up of 3 competence areas (Into action, Ideas& Opportunities, and Resources) and each one has 5 competencies, so in total 15 competencies. Let’s learn more about each competence.



  1. Ideas & Opportunities
  • Spotting opportunities: Using your imagination to identify opportunities to create value by exploring the social, cultural, and economic landscape.
  • Creativity: Developing several ideas and opportunities to create value and exploring& experimenting with innovative approaches.
  • Vision: Imagining the future and developing a vision to turn ideas into action and
  • Valuing ideas: Recognizing the potential of the idea and identifying suitable ways to make the most out of it
  • Ethical & sustainable thinking: Acting responsibly. Assessing the consequences of ideas and impacts of entrepreneurial action on the society, environment, market, and targeted community.


  1. Resources
  • Self-awareness & Self-efficacy: Reflecting on your needs and wants for the short, mid, and long term. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Believing in your ability to influence the course of events despite uncertainty, setbacks, or temporary failures.
  • Motivation & Perseverance: Being patient and keep trying to achieve the aims. Being resilient under pressure and adversity.
  • Mobilizing Resources: Getting and managing the material, non-material, and digital resources to turn ideas into action. Making the most of limited resources.
  • Financial & Economic Literacy: Estimating the cost of turning ideas into action. Planning and evaluating financial decisions over time. Managing finance to maintain value-creating activity for a long-term
  • Mobilizing others: Inspiring and enthusing relevant stakeholders. Getting others on board.


  1. Into Action
  • Taking the initiative: Initiating processes that create values. Going for it.
  • Planning & Management: Setting long, medium, and short-term goals. Prioritizing, organizing, and following up.
  • Coping with uncertainty, Ambiguity & risk: making decisions under the circumstances of uncertainty.
  • Working with others: Working together and cooperating with others. Networking. Solving conflicts and facing competition when it is needed.
  • Learning through experience: Learn by doing. Reflect and learn from successes and failures.


The competence can be assessed as 8 levels: DiscoverExploreExperimentDareImproveReinforce ExpandTransform.


The first two levels(Discover and Explore) are the level of the foundation, as the competence is at the stage of relying on support from others. Experiment and Dare are at an intermediate level, meaning that the competence is becoming more independent. Improve and reinforce is an advanced level as you start to take responsibility. Lastly, expand and transform are the level of an expert where you can drive transformation, innovation, and growth.


Image 2: Understanding 8 levels for Entrecomp competence( European Union, 2018)


I hope this essay helps others to learn deeper about Entrecomp, and possibly used as a tool for identifying your own competencies.




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Soonie from Entre.

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