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Entering to Business Battlefield

Kirjoittanut: Ruwanthi Moragoda Arachchi - tiimistä Ei tiimiä.

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Proakatemia, the place is making underground for young entrepreneurs in Finland as well as a place for learning internationally. As pingster we also had an opportunity involve in sales day at Proakatemia. The three teams of Armo, Meliina, and Puhudistustiimi visited one of Crevio’s (Previously known as Trame) Team Pajas and explained the nature of their business. So, our team decided to engage with all of them we were directed to choose one or two groups to do selling during sales day. Firstly, I wanted to join with Mellina group eventually I changed my thoughts and join with Puhudistustiimi.

Our group had 8 members including me and basically 6, members engaged full-time with this group during the whole sales day. In every aspect, this was a challenge to me as well as a novel experience to me.


The reason for saying so is that although I had experience selling online, this was my first-time promoting business among the international community. On the other hand, though I am learning the Finnish language I’m not fluent enough to communicate business conversations in the Finnish Language. Indeed, at that time, it was just like 2 months before I arrived in Finland. Though we thought through many theories about the culture, traditions, and habits in Finland practical implication is really hard. Yes, this was one of the occasions I experienced repeatedly. Indeed, we stepped into the battlefield of business. I believe this will this is going to be one of the important milestones during the journey of Proakatemia. Basically, we planned our sales days using two strategies. One is door-to-door selling and the other one is standing in well-known shopping malls around Tampere City. As a precautionary method, we distributed flyers among the houses which we selected randomly. The first sales day started sharp at 9 a.m. On the first day, I was supposed to stand at “ DUO Shopping Complex” in the morning and in the evening, we were supposed to go door-to-door selling. While we were staying inside the shopping complex, we couldn’t approach much crowd. That day I got to know the basic regulations which are prevailing in Finland regarding this kind of selling or product and service promotion. Those regulations are made to secure and respect the customer’s privacy.


However, we could be able to find out one potential customer. I really appreciate that and am really impressed with that policy. But the evening part was really difficult due to the extreme weather. Also, that day- door-to-door selling wasn’t as successful as we expected. Because we were able to visit like 15 houses and only 3 houses opened the door only one wanted to listen to us. Also, that day ended with an online feedback meeting. I really appreciate our sales day Leader Tereze lead that meeting as it was really energy-boosting, and I got some kind of relief after the exhausting day. The Second day also started with a hurdle-up meeting and that day we involved door-to-door selling completely. On This day we got some assistance from Yolravi High School students as our team need some Finnish Speakers. That day I have done observations during that day actually my intention was to find out whether we are using the most appropriate way to approach the customers. My intention was to find out the figures as much as I can, and the finding was based on the following aspects.

  • How many houses we visited.
  • How many of them open the door.
  • How many of them listened.
  • How many of them speak Finnish or else English.
  • Gender of the house owners
  • How many one-floor we went?
  • How many 2-floor houses
  • how many flyers we distributed.
  • How many new houses we visited and old houses

On that day our teammate Viragi (Malee) was able to get a contract from the house owner and Peitu also confirmed one contract. On the second day, at the feedback meeting, I presented what are my observations about the figures and the assumptions I came across based on those facts.


The third day as well as it was the final day of the sales days. That day I shared my assumptions with our teammates and depending on that assumption we decided to go approached only 2 stories houses which are surrounded by trees Also, we considered last-day feedback received from some house owners and decided not to go to newly built houses. Also, our teammates Malee and Peitu were able to gain two contracts that day also. So, we stopped all the activities relating to selling as we have a meeting at 2 p.m. also in the evening it was supposed to celebrate and reveal the winners of the sales day. Before that grand celebration, we celebrated as a Crevio team what we achieved during the sales day. Our coach Salla also gathered with us. At the beginning of the sales day promotion, we had a message from our senior students and coaches that is “Have Fun”.


Indeed, I enjoyed every moment during the sales days, and it was a memorable experience with lots of learning facts. When we are reflecting those incidents repeatedly, we were able to find out a lot of facts. For an instance I got a valuable chance to work with my teammates closer, now I’m planning to learn the Finnish Language with gravity, some incident was very useful to change the perception regarding some teammates, importantly we have to gain thorough knowledge about the analysis apart from those we have to learn how to do an effective and attracting pitch. These are the facts I took into my note and earned as learning. It was a great platform for us to learn how to work collaboratively, find out our strength areas, and what we should do to develop as a team as well as individually. As a whole everyone just stepped out of their own comfort zones. Therefore, I believe that sales days made us think about entering the battlefield of business. That is the journey of an entrepreneur. So, we had that experience, and those collection experiences would lead us to be challengeable entrepreneurs of the near future.





I'm Ruwanthi from Sri Lanka. Now I'm living in Tampere.

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