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Embarking on My Entrepreneurial Journey: A Creative Exploration

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Creating a business isn’t simple, but when you’re truly passionate about something, it can lead to wonderful opportunities. In this essay, I will reveal how I started a small startup using my creativity, detailing the challenges and obstacles I faced along the way. These experiences pushed me to study more about business and entrepreneurship.

“Now, I’m on a new journey at Proakatemia, ready to learn and grow even more.”

Since I was little, I’ve always loved being creative. That was the reason why I decided to study fashion and textile design. During my studies, I stumbled upon something truly fascinating: batik. It’s a traditional way of designing fabric that comes from Sri Lanka. In the process of batik, first, draw a design on a piece of fabric. Then, use wax to cover up the parts that don’t want to dye. After that, dip the fabric in dye. When it’s done, remove the wax with hot water. This process can be repeated several times, adding more colors and layers to create really detailed patterns. It’s like painting with wax and dye.

Discovering batik felt like unlocking a whole new world of creativity for me. I fell in love with the intricate designs and the rich history behind it. It’s amazing how something so simple can turn into something so beautiful. Although I couldn’t initially pursue batik as a profession, I kept exploring it as a hobby, making dresses for myself. Surprisingly, others took notice and started showing interest in my creations, which got me thinking about turning my hobby into a business.

During the covid pandemic, I had more time to dive deeper into the world of batik. I discovered that while there were many batik brands out there, not many offered originality and quality. This realization pushed me to not only start a business but to create a brand known for its innovation and uniqueness.

To stand out in a crowded market, I focused on making each design special. I combined traditional batik techniques with modern styles to appeal to today’s tastes. I also made storytelling a big part of my brand, sharing the cultural importance of batik through my designs.

“Most of my creations were custom-made, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature’s patterns and colors.”

Launching my brand online was tough initially, but my passion kept me going. Over three years, I gained momentum in the market. People loved my products because they were handmade and one-of-a-kind. In Sri Lanka, where batik was already popular, it wasn’t hard for me to make a name for myself. People appreciated the effort I put into each piece, and they were drawn to the unique designs inspired by my surroundings and nature.

However, there were challenges along the way, especially with finances and meeting customer demands. Trying to do everything by myself made it hard to grow the business. I couldn’t hire more artisans or expand like I wanted to. Doing everything alone was stressful and took a toll on me. But it taught me the importance of learning more about entrepreneurship to run a business better in the future.

Despite the mistakes and setbacks, this journey has been a valuable lesson for me. Each stumble has taught me something new about running a business in the real world. Now, as I continue on this entrepreneurial path, I’m excited to learn and grow even more. My dream is to create a brand that not only reflects my love for batik and design but also makes a difference in the market. I want it to stand out for its unique products and values like craftsmanship, sustainability, and cultural appreciation.

I believe that with dedication and perseverance, I can turn this dream into reality. This journey isn’t just about building a business; it’s about following my passion and making a positive impact through creativity and entrepreneurship.


I'm someone who finds joy in the simple things and thrives on learning new experiences. With a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Textile Design, I'm passionate about creating my own fashion brand and becoming a successful entrepreneur. I firmly believe that persistence is key, and happiness stems from staying true to oneself. Let's chase dreams and make them a reality!

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