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Don’t give up on us(the PROAKATEMIA community) baby!: The Benefits of Staying Involved

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Don’t give up on us baby is a famous title of a love song in the 70s. As the first stanza says.


Don’t give up on us, baby

Don’t make the wrong seem right

The future isn’t just one night

It’s written in the moonlight

Painted on the stars

We can’t change ours or should I say WE CAN CHANGE OURS.


Although this is a song about the reconciliation of two lovers, I can also relate this to my hope of staying in a community such as Proakatemia. There will be challenges and difficulties along the way that may make us think about quitting. But, The future isn’t just one night as the song states.  It can be challenging to stay committed, mainly for us international students who have other commitments or responsibilities that demand time and effort such as work to pay our tuition fees.


On the other hand, there are different plans of action that we can use to get the better of these challenges. For instance, we can manage our time effectively by prioritizing our teampreneur work and extracurricular activities, seeking support from coaches or peers when needed, or finding ways to integrate Proakatemia activities into our existing schedules.


Staying committed in a community can be demanding, and we will face many obstacles along the way. Without a doubt, it is extremely important to stay engaged in a school community, even when we encounter many problems. The benefits of being involved and committed are indispensable and can make a significant impact on us academically and will eventually influence our accomplishments.


One of the predominant advantages of being involved in the school community is improved academic performance. Students who participate in projects and other activities tend to have higher chances of enhancing teamwork experiences, cultivating leadership opportunities, fostering confidence, and a probability to graduate on time. Because engaging and staying committed in a community provides opportunities to develop skills such as time management, goal-setting, and teamwork, which will eventually lead to success.


Furthermore, staying dedicated to the school community can also help us build social connections and can widen our support networks. Being part of a team, and collaborating with other teampreneurs or even other startup organizations allows us to meet new people, make friends, and develop strong relationships with peers and coaches.


This can provide a sense that we belong to something that is extremely significant and reduces the feeling of isolation or loneliness, this is important for some of us who may be struggling with depression or other challenges. In addition to this, the opportunities for personal growth and leadership development are within one’s reach. Often the avenue for a student to take on leadership roles, which can help build confidence, develop communication and problem-solving skills, and gain experience in decision-making and responsibility are most likely to be used. The skills that were mentioned can be valuable tools throughout a teampreneur’s life, both personally and professionally.


In summary, staying involved in PROAKATEMIA community is very important for any teampreneurs’ academic and personal success. The benefits of involvement are proven to be invaluable. Although staying engaged and committed can be very challenging, we can overcome obstacles and reap the rewards by prioritizing our time and seeking support from peers and coaches. By not giving up on our community, WE can make the most of our education and build a foundation for our future.




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