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Do you know what your hand gestures mean?

Kirjoittanut: Emilia Parikka - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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This essay is to demonstrate the difference in cultures and how they speak through body language, the actual body language, mostly to do with hand gestures. As I was in exchange in Paris, I came across multiple different hand gestures I had never seen before that people from other cultures used daily. Like the Mexican “Yes” or Italian “Why would I care”. Getting to know the meaning behind these gestures allowed me to interact with people fully and emerge into their culture, at least a bit. I want this essay to open some of the hand gestures I saw and explain what they really mean, so you can navigate through your multicultural future fluently. Because I couldn’t download these videos, form my Instagram with the sound, here are links to my tutorials, showing the different hand gestures and explaining their meanings. Enjoy, practise and take to use!


South Korea:


Video 1: Part one, South Korean Hand Gestures



Video 2: Part two, South Korean Hand Gestures





Video 3: Part one, Mexican Hand Gestures



Video 4: Part two, Mexican Hand Gestures





Video 5: Part one, Italian Hand Gestures



Video 6: Part two, Italian Hand Gestures



Video 7: Part three, Italian Hand Gestures





Video 8: Brazilian Hand Gestures



I was not surprised the Italians had a lot of hand gestures, but I was surprised how much overall there is hand gestures around the world and how one can mean totally different thing in different countries. To me, it was also interesting to find some similarities between cultures and hand gestures. Was any of these gestures familiar to you, or were there some that surprised you?

Written By: Emilia Parikka


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