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Decisions making

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Decisions making 




We have to take many decisions to move forward in our life and to get success. There are some decisions that we have to take for our daily life, some decisions are such that our near future is affected, but we also have to take some decisions which we have to take for our whole life. If we take any of these decisions, it directly affects our future. If someone is successful today, it means that he must have taken such a decision in his past, due to which he has been successful today. Similarly, if someone is a failure today, it means that he must have taken such a decision in his past, due to which he is a failure today. It simply means that the decisions we take, whether small or big, determine a direction for our life. We cannot change the decisions taken in the past because it is not possible to go to the past, but we can definitely take some such good decisions today or in the coming time so that our future is bright and full of successes.

How to Take Right Decision for Successful Life? It is very important to take the right decision for a successful future. Today I will tell you that how can we take any right decision? Please read it very carefully and apply it in your life, you will definitely get success. Whenever we take a decision, we can have two or more options to choose from. Now which option should we choose so that our decision to choose that option can be correct? There is a simple answer to this that you should choose the option which both your heart and mind say right to choose. Let me tell you that here heart means your desire and your mind means your intellect and logic. While taking any decision, choose such option only which option you want to choose and have your mind as well as use your intelligence and logic to see how right the option chosen by you is for you.

To make this clear, I want to give you an example, suppose you have to choose your career. Now you already know how important it is for anyone to choose the right career because our entire future depends on the career itself. Your parents say that you should become a successful civil engineer and your relatives say that you should become a good teacher but you want to become a successful photographer or a successful businessman. Now you have four options in front of you. You can choose any option. But you have to choose the right option for yourself so that the decision taken is right. Now directly ask your heart what is your desire and which option your mind is asking to choose as your career. Who will you choose now?

It is obvious that you will choose only two options here because your mind and desire is to become a photographer or businessman. You will remove the remaining two options. You chose two options here because you will feel good and pleasant while doing these things. But you have to choose only one option in your career. Here you have to use your intelligence and its logic to take the right decision. Now you have to apply the logic that you have more advantage than becoming a photographer or is it more beneficial than becoming a businessman? For this, you look at your education that according to the education you have taken, in which career you can do well, in which your knowledge is good, for whom your background is good, in which you can earn good money or in addition to this. Things can happen. You can think by applying logic.


Now if you are student and like to have good business knowledge. Apart from this, if you feel that you also have money to open a new business and by doing this you will earn a lot of money, then in this situation you will choose to do business with the help of logic. Now you will leave the Photography option. Now your decision to do business will be the right decision because you will be ready to do business with both your heart and your mind. Similarly, if you take any decision in life, then definitely use this method, believe that by adopting this method, you will be able to take a good decision and you will definitely get success in it.

Do the Right Decision give Success? Some I think whether taking the right decision definitely gives success? So I figured out the my answer of it, it is “YES”. Only a good decision taken by you will definitely bring you success in the coming time because there are many reasons for this. Let me now tell you the reasons that directly connect the right decision taken by you with your success. 1- Right decision is taken by your will. Here you choose the option of your wish. By choosing the option of your mind, you will work well and diligently in it, which will ensure success. 2- When you are doing the work of your desire in your life, then you are always happy. If you’re happy, you’ll be able to function better and your chances of success will be greatly increased. 3- When you do the work of your mind, neither do you get tired nor do you feel laziness while doing it. In such a situation, you are able to do more work than expected and then your success is almost certain. 4- You have taken the right decision with your intellect, logic and when any work in the world is being done by applying logic, then the chances of its success increase greatly. 5- By doing some work with thought, you already get an idea of ​​what are the benefits of your work. It is obvious that if you have chosen the option which gives more benefit, then more profit will encourage you to increase your working ability even more, due to increasing working ability, your chances of success will also increase. 6- In the same way, by doing some work by thinking (logic), you already get an idea of ​​what problems may arise in this work. In such a situation, you must have prepared yourself in advance to overcome those problems. Due to which it will be beneficial that problems will lessen your troubles and success will come closer to you.



Precautions for Making Good Decisions. While taking the right and effective decision making, you should take great care of some things because if these things are not taken care of, then your decision may be wrong rather than right. So please keep few things in mind, whenever you are taking your right decision as a decision maker, then you should ignore the words of those people who want to impose their will on you. Take all the decisions yourself. If someone’s advice is very much needed, then meet someone who is very well knowledgeable. Keep in mind that your decision should be completely right for you because it is not necessary that someone else’s decision should be right for you too.

Do not show haste even at the time of good decision. Even if it may take some more time to take the right decision, but the decision taken should be absolutely right for you because your future depends on it.



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