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Controll Tools in Business

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Control as a word can sound dictatorial and bossy. It has a negative tone to it. But controlling in a business doesn’t necessarily mean something negative and something we should be afraid of. It can be a really good tool that helps management to monitor the process and work in the business or help guide the staff to meet the standards and help them. It also can provide transparency inside the business. In a sense, it can be a tool that businesses can find big value and help with operating, or if not manage well it might become a burden.

There are many control tools that companies can use. Usually, these are the most common ones that are used:

Automatic Backups

Making sure that all the documents are automatically stored in one place, where they can be found reduces the risk of losing important papers. It can help employees feel safer in the sense that if they fail or forget to save files and documents, they know they can count that they are found in the system. Something that must remember when storing documents is that they need to be in a safe place where there is a small possibility for them to be stolen or leaked. Investing in a safe and convenient storage program can help the company a lot.
This tool controls that all the data and documents are saved and don’t get deleted or lost by accident.


A checklist helps to stay organized and see the process. With a checklist, you can modify it depending on who is using it and what is it used for. It also gives visible information on what is done, and what is need to be done. This also makes it easy for new people to get more on track with the flow of things and helps them remember what they need to do. An easy and simple way to provide information for both ends the employees and employers. A checklist can help in communicating and preventing talk about not necessary things.
This tool controls that employees have a clear picture of what they are expected to do and work with. It helps them to remember and keep track of their process as well as the management can keep an easy look at how things are going.

Standard Budgeting Form

If your organization has many people using the money, their budgeting styles might be different from another and it makes analyzing them more time-consuming. Also, it might be that not all think about the same things that should be put into the budget. To avoid misunderstandings and make it easier for everyone to understand each other and the budget, it is recommended to make a standard form that everyone needs to fill in and follow. This way analyzing the information is easier and you make sure that all the necessary information is found in the budget. You can use this idea of having standard forms in other topics too, it ensures that everyone follows and meets the requirements.
This tool controls that paperwork and budgeting don’t go too messy. The idealogy could be thought of here in a way that you do not need to invent the wheel again, meaning you can make things easy for you and your workers by standardizing and using documents that everyone knows and which are easy to work on with. Providing these standard forms for things also saves time for your workers.

Have two-tier financial tracking

This means that when checking budgets and other financial statements or anything related to money there is not only one person handling these things, but there would be at least two people who make the calculation. For example, one person makes the calculations for budged and another person makes the same calculations and if everything has gone like it should the numbers should match. It is not for trust problems but because people are humans and mistakes occur it is safer to have at least two people count the same things and be sure that the numbers match.
This tool controls that big financial responsibility doesn’t fall only on one person’s hand but more that someone is checking that the numbers match and make sense. Mistakes in these things can be expensive for the company.


The scoreboard gives a visual purpose and an opportunity to interact. It helps interacts with employees even if they do not recognize it. You can motivate people with them by having a contest or reminding people where is the company aiming. For some scoreboard can mean competition and if it is practiced with a good spirit it is good for the company. It also gives employees a visual of how have they impacted the company and how their actions made a difference. Different scoreboards you can have for example sales goal, project progress, customer satisfaction, days without incident, or department budgeting.
This control tool is for motivating employees and showing them that their actions have an impact. The management is also able to see from the boards how is the company doing and analyze what is not going well and start investigating why. It can start a competition between workers and might bring a negative atmosphere. But because the scoreboard is usually placed somewhere that it is visible, your employees will interact with it anyways without even noticing it.

Have a database

Establishing a database is a need over time. It helps employees to find information more easily and ensures that all that is needed can be found. It also makes things more transparent and gives your employees trust in the company. It also saves time and ensures that if the person with the knowledge is not available the information is somewhere acceptable. But this requires management that the files are upgraded and in an order that it is easy to find the information. Information that should be in the database is pay periods and methods, sales expectations, safety police, budgeting guidelines and standards, list of people you need to contact relating to what.
This control tool ensures that needed information is available to anyone who needs it and that the information doesn’t rely on one person. It gives more freedom to the employees and an opportunity for them to work more easily and find help when they need it.
Now that we have read about the different tools for control, it seems it is not really about controlling your employees and people. It is more about how to backup information and make employees’ work easier and smoother.




  • for database, you’re mentioning about “pay periods and methods, sales expectations, safety police, budgeting guidelines and standards, list of people you need to contact relating to what” => I think it’s about an ERP and CRM. would be great if we can discuss more about the benefits of using ERP + CRM in business.

    Btw, KAAOS has the service to setup ERP + CRM full for business and would be great if SYNTRE want to try!!!

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