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Content Marketing as a Phenominal Marketing Strategy

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From the plain world wide web of just mainly visiting pages to web browsing, Instant messaging, Social Networking and now to Content Marketing. The Internet had came a long way to create opportunities for individuals with special skills of creativity to equally or even more than equally compensated.

Before, marketing profession requires some years in college to finally land a job in the marketing industry, but look at now, how the social network industry changed this platform. It had opened the opportunity to public without spending costly.

Because 90% of the population of the earth now uses smart phones and has an access to the internet, most Apps are now flooded with advertisements and mostly endorsed by famous influencers. The public now relies not exactly on the creativity of the advertisement but on the review and results of the product. If it is validated by a popular influencer then expect that it will create a surge sales in the market. Not only that, acquiring the product chosen is now easy to check out by just clicking and filling out information in some links, wait for a few days and it will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

TIKTOK for example, who doesn’t know about TIKTOK? It surprised me now that most online shopping apps are now competing with social networking apps when it comes to sales. Because most people enjoy watching tiktok, more audience are expected to be browsing this app. No wonder a lot of influencers are partnering with online shops to endorse products but with short videos which content is about how to use it, proving its quality and convincing viewers that it is a must have product.

During my vacation in the Philippines, I was amazed with some new products especially cosmetics and I got the chance to ask some people if where can I purchase the same product and 100% I got an answer of “from TIKTOK”, I was expecting an answer like the name of a store or an online shop app at least but I got a different answer. Then I understood, it is a content marketing.

Content marketing is all about stimulating to be interested in a product using the social media platform such as videos, stream, blogs and reels without promoting the brand, but with the review and results coming from famous influencers, viewers will be encouraged to purchase the product because by watching a simple video it has seen its result and sometimes because it is popular and endorsed by a popular influencer it is a must have brand.

If you own a business and you still do the traditional way of marketing it like posters and TV commercials, it is better to review your marketing strategy. The usual way of advertising brand is still acceptable but if you want to reach more audience, glocalize and globalize your business then it is time to start creating account on these social networking sites choose an influencer that will help you boost your market. Do not expect sales growth if you still embrace the classic way to market your brand. Be part of the phenomenal content marketing, grow your customers and expand your market through social networks.

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