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Comment Essay – Data Team 2022

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This is my first time writing a comment essay. In this essay, I read and reviewed three data team members’ essays. It was a fun process. I learned much more than in my own essay. They gave me many new perspectives on understanding the concept of data.

DATAN ULOTTUVUUDET – written by Oona Salo


Hi Oona,

Your essay is very interesting. Although it’s in Finnish. I managed with google translate. (That is also the power of data.) I’m especially interested in your ideation about what will happen when AI comes to Proakatemia. As data team members, many tasks we did with data collection and statistics are important and meaningful. I hope we can start to use tools like happyornot to see people’s emotions in our data. Thank you for the essay!

DIE WITH ZERO – written by Suong Tran


Hi Suong,

Great essay! Die with zero is also a topic that I have thought about. We won’t take a penny away when we die, so what do we do with savings? Or do we need to save? Life is so unpredictable; saving is more like for our mental security. You’re right, the book sounds more like the wealthy people who need to plan how to spend money. When people have nothing to save, it would be good to consider more about investment and the concept of compound interest. Thank you for the essay!




Hi Taru,

Very interesting angle! I have never thought about gender issues could relate to the data collection and analysis in statistics. But it’s true. Maybe because many math and statistic methods were developed by males, the female’s perspective is missing? Anyway, I would like to dig more about that. This is also a good reminder for us when collecting and analyzing data. Thank you for the essay!

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