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Cheat Sheet to Team Dynamics

Kirjoittanut: Tuuli-Emily Liivat - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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During the first half of the spring semester, our team has actively focused on developing our values, mission and vision statements that would be in tune with our goals and aspirations for the second year. Our multiple hours of discussion saw revelations on multiple levels and I was thus inspired to create a visual on team-learning that could complement the values of Proakatemia:

Trust, Courage, Doing, Learning, Success.


Illustrative photo created by Liivat, T-E via Canva.


The foundation.

The foundation of learning and developing together is strengthened by focusing on transparency, commitment and space for openness.


Transparency with others could refer to being honest about the events and happenings going on in our personal lives, what kind of help is needed in our projects or how we are feeling. All of these factors have an influence on teamwork and it significantly adds empathy to our relationships and reduces conflict.


Commitment refers to understanding the value of and showing presence in your actions, projects or elsewhere. When multiple opportunities are presented, it may become difficult to say no. In doing so, this might mean that we are burning ourselves short and this could affect not only you on a personal level, but also the team and the team’s trust in you.


Space for openness is tied together with commitment with the main idea being to create time and being present for the team. It is very beneficial to stay on Proakatemia’s premises for networking purposes as it also shows you are willing to co-operate and be present for the team. Additionally, team activities and team days go here.

Pillars of greatness.


As we are studying in the Entrepreneurship and Team leadership Degree Programme, it is essential that we create projects to learn from our experiences, fund our team company and build our future. Project work needs to be supported.



Innovation or research and development is essential in strengthening already existing projects as well as nurturing new projects that might arise. In connection to these qualities, innovating also supports your team’s professionality in the 24 Hour challenge upon graduation from Proakatemia.



From the perspective of projects and the future, networking is necessary in finding new contacts, cooperation partners, investors and support in the future.

Support and feedback.

For individual progress and the atmosphere of the team, it is very important that team members are supported in their ventures to success. Feedback is crucial here. In Proakatemia, we are blessed to have other people around us that actively notice your actions and can provide feedback to support your development. When given and taken into action, feedback can help shape the best version of yourself.


Sky is the limit.

With these values taken into account and the actions taken to support the team’s and each other’s growth, we can together create new knowledge, lasting connections and successful projects. Remember that every decision you take – good or bad – is a learning.


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