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Building a House or a Brandphilosophy

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I’ve recently been creating a Brandphilosophy for a Esport project and thought why not share how I did it with you. The point of this essay is to help you create a brandphilosophy with these steps for anything you want may it be a product or a service.


1# Key functions of the project

First things first let’s start with the key functions. This part is like the summary of your project. Ask yourself, what are we doing and how? If building a brand could be referred to building a house, this would be the part where you decide on what plot of land you are going to build it on. For Example in our Esports project we are providing Esports coaching for enthutiastic players who are interested in advancing their skills. Our coaching plan includes three different lines: Game coaching, Physical coaching and Mental coaching. We are also working to “normalise” gaming in the eyes of the society by openly talking about the lesser known, good effects of gaming. 


2# What do you want to say?

This part is more about the legendary WHY; your vision and mission. Why do we exist? Who are we? What is our mindset? What is our culture? In this part you are building the foundation for the house. Make it sure you build it properly, for it’s going to be the platform where everything else will be build upon. Don’t worry, if you are struggling with the questions. It only means, that the foundation isn’t yet strong enough and you should concentrate on building it.


3# Customers

This is the part where you decide who is going to be living in the house. Who would you want to live in the house and who not? Who are the ones receiving your brand and who should relate to it? As products are created in a factory, brands are created in the mind. Think about, what emotions do you want for your customers to experience when confronting your brand? Find your REAL customers, not the ones who you think they are, but the ones who actually are. If the house doesn’t have anybody living in it, why should it exist in the first place? In our Esport project we want our customers to experience feelings of excitement, belonging, trust, relief and value.


4# Competiton

Your neighbours so to speak. Who is your competition? What do they do? What is your unique selling point (USP). What differentiates the house you build from all of the other houses on the neighbourhood? Why does everybody want to visit the house you build more than the other houses? Having competition is one of the most valuable things that could happen to you. Why? Because they remind you about why do you exist and what differentiates you from them. When building a brand those things are very important so be grateful of your competitors. They push you forward and remind you of your vision.


5# Channels

This is the marketing part of your brand. Where are you going to sell this house, you build? Website, Instagram, Podcast, blog, whatever. In part 3# we did research about who is our dream resident. Now it is time to figure out, where you can find them. If they are young, they can most likely be found on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok but if they are older, then maybe you can reach them more easily through TV or Newspaper. 


6# Your Story

You have your first possible residents visiting the house. What kind of story are you going to tell them, if you want them to buy the house? Your Story is the emotional connection between the consumer and your brand. Who are you and what do you do? It’s the history of building the house. What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome them? Why did you build the house in the first place? And remember, the customer is the hero in this story, not you.


7# Your own values 

What are your values? This is for internal branding. What is important to you in your project and to everyone working on it? What kind of people did you invite to build the house with you and why specifically them? They hopefully shared the same values and vision for building the house.


8# Values to customer    

What do you promise to the new possible residents? What differentiates you from your competitors? Why is your house more valuable than any other house for sale out there? Why would they choose you? 


One last thing to remember

When building a brand, one of the most important things to remember is that you don’t build it for yourself. You are not going to live in this house you’ve build. You are going to keep maintaining it and building new floors and rooms for more residents to move in. But it is not for you. 

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