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Being a Badass is all it takes to become rich

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You are a badass at making money
Jen Sincero
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I read a book called You Are a Badass at Making Money written by Jen Sincero. I chose this book because out of all the books about money, that I found, this was the only one that didn’t make me fall asleep. The writing was light-hearted, passionate, and funny. She wrote about money in a way that spoke to me, she told me to stop whining and start doing, and most importantly she told jokes that made me crack up. That is the kind of book about money that I enjoy reading. Money is such a sensitive topic that when someone has the balls to talk about it with humor and attitude, it might scare some people but for me, it was the only way to listen. In this book, you didn’t only see figures and diagrams about money or an old guy telling you how to invest or how to use your money to make more of it. Instead what it was, was a forty-something lady telling you that it all begins with you changing your attitude towards money, that you need to want money, and start to take chances that could take you closer to money. She spoke from her own experience of being broke to the core and now making it big, that is something I respect and will listen to – someone speaking about their own experiences and what they learned from it.


Jen Sincero had some very accurate, witty, and funny things to say about money and she used very colorful metaphors. One of my favorites was at the beginning of the book, she said: “When it comes to having sex or making money, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing and be all great at it, but nobody teaches you anything about it, and you’re never supposed to talk about it because it’s inappropriate, dirty, not so classy”. (Sincero, You Are a Badass at Making Money, 2018) That is so accurate, I’ve lived my entire life in a fear of having to talk about money because I feel like I should know what to do with it even though I’ve had no freaking clue. Another one that stuck in my head was when she told a story from her past when two goats tried to get inside the house and when they finally got in, they destroyed everything. What she wanted to teach with this story was the determination of the goats and how they had a goal and stopped at nothing to achieve it. That is exactly what we need to make money, a clear goal that we are willing to push and push until we make it. We need the fire inside us not to give up even if we don’t make it right away or even in the twentieth time. You need to keep pushing.


I do have to say the book wasn’t all great and sunshine. Sometimes I felt like she kept repeating the same things over and over and over. I guess in some way that was the point of the book, to repeat those things so many times, you’ll get them stuck in your head and eventually start to live by them. But at some point, I started to get bored with all that badassery and overly positive attitude of “you just need to want it in order to get it”. Somewhere in the middle of the book, my brain started to shut down and wander to new places and I needed to focus to be able to get through it all because I felt like I was re-reading the same things again and again. In the beginning, everything was new and exciting but the further I got the more bored I felt, because I felt like the information I was getting didn’t really change and thus wasn’t giving me anything new anymore. I think by reading half of the book I already got all the information worth getting from it. I did finish it but have to say in the end there were no big revelations anymore.


What I did learn was that when it comes to making money, your attitude about yourself and money has a huge impact on whether you are going to make it or not. The way you see yourself impacts how the Universe around you will treat you. If you think that you’ll never make a lot of money, your actions will mirror this belief, and thus you’ll never make a lot of money. You need to be brave and do things that scare the shit out of you and challenge your belief of not going to make it. This book also thought me that one reason for us not making money is our fear of how other people are going to see us if we get rich. We’re afraid that people close to us are going to resent us because of the money we make, that they’d start to see us as greedy. I have to say I can relate to this, all my life I’ve been afraid to death whenever one of my friends starts to talk about money with me, especially if they start to ask about the price of things I have. The reason for this has been the fear of conflict that has seemed to be unavoidable when talking about money. We seem to think money is evil for some reason, even though we could actually do a lot of good things with money. We decide whether we’re going to do bad or good with the money we make. Jen Sincero says in her book “A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life” (Sincero, You Are a Badass at Making Money, 2018) because money gives us freedom and options.


In this book there are always some exercises, you can do to learn about your relationship with money and change it for the better. Some of them I found very helpful and I’ll definitely use them in the future like busting yourself of the negative thought you have about money and changing them into positive ones. I don’t know how much I believe in the message in this book that you just have to believe, want, and meditate to get rich. I think there is some truth to it, but I do think getting rich is about so much more than just believing you can do so. I did though like the way how she encourages you to follow your dreams and do the things that make you happy to get rich. She is also very right on the fact that if you don’t start to change your life yourself no one else is going to do that for you and thus you’ll stay stuck right where you are.


So, is being a badass all it takes to get rich? I would say totally yes. You need to be badass enough to admit that you love, need, and want money. You need to be badass enough to take matters into your own hands. You need to be badass enough to have the courage to try new things and take the chances you see. You need to be badass enough to push forward even if you fail. You need to be badass enough to ask for help. Being a badass is the answer here.



Sincero, J. 2017. You are A Badass at Making Money.


Written By: Emilia Parikka

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