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Balancing passion and profit

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Balancing passion and profit


Workers are in a unique position. Never before the workers have had so much control over their working conditions, pace, place and pay. It has been a growing trend to question what do we want from our jobs, and the covid-19 pandemic has increased it largely.

Passion principle

People nowadays want to have work that they feel passionate about, something meaningful.

The passion principle is the prioritization of personally fulfilling work even at the expense of job security or a decent salary. Over 70% of college-educated workers highly praise passion-related considerations in their notions of good career decision-making, and almost two-thirds rank its importance above considerations like good salaries and job security.(2022,Cech, “Striking a balance between your passion and you paycheck”, Harvard business review).


Leaving a job that has decent pay and brings decent joy is a very hard task because of its risks. Not everyone has the courage to do leave their average life to pursue their passion. Searching for a job that doesn’t fit your credentials but fits your hearth can take months or even years and you have to make a living while searching for that job. That’s why most of the passion-seeking employees come from wealth or middle-upper-class families that can support their journey financially or through their network. Another risk is more existential, we can fall into the trap of pouring all our emotions, physical and mental labor into our job and work far more than it is asked from us, and forgetting that at the end of the day, we are in an economical relation with our employer, if our position seems replaceable or unprofitable, no amount of passion will save us. By prioritizing passion in our career, we make a core part of us vulnerable to profit maximization and structural reorganization.


You can cultivate joy at your current workplace. Loving every aspect of your work is very rare, but you can try to enjoy more your work than you are enjoying right now, working with colleagues that you cherish, and working in an organization whose mission you value can give you a lot of joy. Enjoy the smaller things, some can even say that it is impossible to love everything about your job.


Balancing is a good way of being able to pursue your passion while being financially stable. A way of balancing your financial security and passion Is by doing a job that you don’t hate but don’t love but that has enough flexibility to give you time to follow your passions after work in your free time.


Use this pandemic transition time to ask yourself what do you want your relation to paid employment to be. Utilize this unique moment in time where employees have negotiation power to affect their working conditions allowing them to follow passions outside of work and make their work more enjoyable. And remember that you are not alone, everyone wants to have a job that means something to them, but not everyone has the courage or the ways to go look for it.


”2022,Cech, “Striking a balance between your passion and you paycheck”, Harvard business review  The Potential Cost of “Doing What You Love” (hbr.org)

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