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Applying for grants? Here are some general tips.

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For the past six years, I have been working closely with non-profit organisations. In order to fund their activities, one of the more viable options is writing grants to different funders or projects.

Here are some things to take into account when you’re thinking of expanding and trying out writing grant applications:


  1. Research ahead of time.

Oftentimes, there will be a possibility to apply for a grant to support your activities. Depending on the product or service you wish to bring to the market, you could see if European Union, business supporting organisations or local / regional / country-wide foundations are available to provide grants. Once you have found your foundation, make sure you have plenty of time to review the questions and provide appropriate documentation.


  1. Know your product/service and have a clear communication.

When you see that a grant is available that your business could suit to, it is important to read the guidelines on projects that will be supported and being flexible with your projects. You may have a strategy or a vision in mind, which could then be altered to better fit the application. Clear communication and appropriate vocabulary is necessary to be taken seriously.


  1. Know the structure.

In the event you can submit a free-form grant application, know what points need to be covered.
Usually, the applicant needs to provide a short introduction of the product / service, its history, purpose and vision, what you are applying the grant for. Who is your target group? How will the grant money be divided, on which activities? What are the expected outcomes and target results for your company and the stakeholders? Depending on the funding, it may also be necessary to include metrics, how is the aspect of eg sustainability taken into consideration, how will the activities be sustained.


  1. The more precise documentation, the better.

Generally, the financier is interested in what is it that you’re doing, what are the results and how much this will cost. When working with partners, additional documents such as letter of intent to collaborate will bring additional value and validity to your project. Creating an accurate financial plan on funding is a necessity and the documentation on the funds once the grant has been received must be appropriate.


  1. Everything will go as it is supposed to.

Writing grant applications may be challenging and seem difficult to navigate at first, however, it is important to note that grant applications have contact persons who to turn to if you would want to have some things clarified. Depending on the grant, it is also possible that you may get partial funding, which is why it is very useful to have back-up plans (eg sponsors, other grant application platforms) and if there are multiple grant application possibilities, to consider applying for both to ease the risk.


Good luck with your project writings!

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