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AI experience

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In December 2022 it was announced that OpenAI, a generative artificial intelligence software, launched its preview for free and garnered over a million signups within the first five days.
People were excited – both positively and negatively. As an example, fears of losing jobs to artificial intelligence became more relevant and the news required agile behaviour and decisions from multiple different fields, including education.

This is why in spring 2023, Proakatemia introduced the concept of artificial intelligence to the community through an immersive presentation. The presentation was cohesive and introduced the concept from a positive angle, calling the community to action by encouraging the use of ChatGBT and AI as long as the using was cited properly.

Here is my experience with knowingly using artificial intelligence in educational context and my thoughts on it.

One of the projects, Ads on Pads, needed a website wallpaper and due to a lack of time to try and photoshop something of higher quality, I decided to try AI image generator.
After a few tries, the prompt ended up being ‘create a desktop wallpaper in the style of editorial photoshoot. The background colour is #FA8072 and in focus, there is a stack of 4 plastic packaged female hygiene pads.’ The photo that came out was not looking particularly good – instead of what can be technically called four plastic squares against a one-tone background, the photo results reminded us more of silicone implants that were shot up-close.

The second try happened with essay writing. I decided to use ChatGBT to provide feedback to one of the sources in an essay I was writing feedback for and was pleasantly surprised. The writing style was, by default, of above-average quality and only a couple of corrections were made to clarify the context or find synonyms for the vocabulary by the AI. Sadly, after one prompt the AI also stopped working and wouldn’t react after a day.

The third encounter was during an exam, where the lecturer said that while the idea of using ChatGBT may run across your minds, the text will need to have references every step of the way to add validity and source properly. The lecturer had tried the software previously by themselves and noted that references were one thing that the free software couldn’t provide.


With the advances in technology, it will definitely be interesting to follow the development of artificial intelligence and it will be useful to learn as much as possible on the topic. The writer is excited to see what the future holds.


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