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Adding integrity and inspiration: enhancing worldview through company visits

Kirjoittanut: Tuuli-Emily Liivat - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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This spring, SYNTRE had an important collaboration with Team Academy Switzerland, where their team Novio and our team SYNTRE created a learning journey together.

The primary aim of the two-week learning journey was to create new networks, share and learn from each other’s experiences and learn more of the process of creating sales and sales strategy. The latter two aims were in direct connection with Proakatemia’s Sales Days event.

The learning journey consisted of networking events and all of the participants joined our training sessions and additional evening programmes to learn as much as possible from one another. The learning journey also featured external business visits and introductions, from which this essay came to fruition.


Business and industrial visits.
Business and industrial visits refer to a visit, where a visit has been organised to meet with business employees and get to know how a business operates. For educational institutes, the visits oftentimes inspire the attendees and show an external environment. For businesses, accepting guests from different fields allows them to promote their business and possibly even recruit interested people to future job positions.

During the learning journey, Novio and SYNTRE participated in a workshop organised by HUBS and visited Platform6, Futurice, Gofore and Sixclub. We also had visitors from HeimoFilms and MindMe Solutions to see us in Proakatemia.


Benefits of industrial visits.

Interactive learning

Visiting a business in their place of operation allows the attendees to utilize interactive learning and experience first-hand what the work experience at the suggested place would look like. Business visits provide a space of exposing the attendees to the physical spaces and it is possible to sense the atmosphere of the community and the values within the organization. The visits allow the attendees to express their interests and possibly learn more of the tools or processes the business uses to operate in their field.

Interacting with the professionals within their field
Through an appropriately chosen business, the attendees will have the possibility of learning more of the current trends and happenings within the field overall and ask relevant additional questions, where instead of Google, they will have the opinion or answer from an industry professional.

For a motivated student, the business visit may open their eyes about the prospects from working ini the company. By going to a business visit in a company where working in such a way is possible, the attendees are offered an excellent opportunity of standing out by asking additional questions, approaching the industry professionals and connecting with them later, which allows more exposure points between the management and the teampreneur, which may increase collaborations or internship possibilities.


Tips for a great business visit.
To receive the highest possible quality of the business visit, it is important that the chosen business to visit aligns with the attendee’s values and interests. There is no use in attending the visit when most of the visitors seem bored or have low engagement with the content.
Additionally, plan the visit in advance and communicate with the contact person throughout, to have a great first impression and a general easily-approachable attitude. The attendee’s should research the business beforehand or create questions to support their visit.

Afterwards, it is useful to reflect on the learnings of the team and the impact of the business visit to improve business visits in the future.



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