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Summer academy recap

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Post originally added on LinkedIn after the project. The goal of such a post is to summarise briefly what has been done, share about the project itself and take the opportunity to say thank you to participants one last time. While it also gives space to showcase to a wider audience what kind of professional activity we engage in. It builds credibility as partners can comment, endorse you or write recommendations. Well-curated LinkedIn serves as a CV and portfolio, while I’m not an expert on the matter I can see how it supports networking and maintaining many connections. I’ve been more and more actively using the platform to also connect with new people. Similar to other social media platforms LinkedIn is allowing to find like-minded people.

I like to think of LinkedIn as the background and support tool. I acknowledge the fact that it can be used to really expand the network, sell, promote oneself and whatnot. Although, I personally think that magic happens when we meet face-to-face with people. When we can exchange ideas and learn from each other in real life. According to Elizabeth Perry, networking contributes to our social well-being. We should consider networking not only as a future business opportunity but also look for genuine connections. Social benefits and new friendships are creating the foundation. From my own perspective, I feel much more satisfied when I engage in a real conversation, and meet people and that gives me momentum for the next project. Undoubtedly, these networks can help us to take a leap in our careers, but this would not happen if friendships and trust wasn’t built in the very first place.

Networking also serves the creative thinking process (Elizabeth Perry 2023). When we meet, exchange ideas, and express our views, we give some of our knowledge to others as well as get new insights into our own projects. In fact, sometimes it’s enough to find a person to listen to us and in the process, we come up with the solution to our problem. Think about what we can achieve when meeting professionals from the right field.

Going back to LinkedIn, I like to think that it does take a certain courage to write your thoughts down and share them with the world. It is not that much different when being at the event, speaking in a group of 5-8 people while sharing a glass of wine. At first, it can be a little uncomfortable, but once we realize that we are accepted it feels great. We might disagree and have our own opinions. Through sharing and acknowledging the differences we build our confidence which is a good thing. Especially nowadays when there is so much pressure coming from different directions on us. Therefore, I like to take the opportunity in real life or in virtual reality to meet people and share what I’m up to.


Post itself mentioned in the beginning:
Last week with Sanni Hujanen we had the pleasure of hosting for the second time HES-SO Innokick Summer Academy in Tampere, Finland in collaboration with Proakatemia. It has been 5 days filled with hard work, inspiring conversations and multicultural co-creation.

Sanni Hujanen and I played the roles of facilitators and coordinators throughout the week. The most impactful takeaways for us stem from organising such a week and gracefully accommodating our guests. The week encompassed numerous – possibly even hundreds of – elements that demanded meticulous consideration. We navigated through evolving scenarios with agility, skillfully multitasking and overseeing various aspects. Thankfully, the preparations for the week had been done well, affording us the luxury of savouring the week’s moments.

Meanwhile, nearly 50 students gathered during the week to learn about working in multidisciplinary teams from different countries and innovating for local companies. Thank you, Ramboll, Tampereen Energia and Tribe Tampere for providing the challenges for the students. The program included elements like team building, innovation workshops as well as visits to local saunas, restaurants and a cruise on the Näsijärvi lake.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me and Sanni make this week happen. Among many: Fabien Degoumois, Mélie Schaer, Antoine Perruchoud and Sébastien Mettraux from HES-SO and Taru Nurmala, PMP, Hanna Saraketo, and Antti Vuento from the Finnish side.

At the beginning of the week, we met many new faces and now we are seeing them leave as friends. We are curious to see how this project will evolve in the future!

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