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5 rules of life by Simon Sinek

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5 Rules of success by Simon Sinek 


According to Simon Sinek, who is an American author and motivational speaker there are 5 rules for achieving success in life.  


  1. You can go after whatever you want, in the way you want, but you cannot prevent others from going after what they want. 

Some of us know precisely their vision and are willing to go after it and some of us are trying to prevent it. You need to go after your dreams and do whatever it takes to achieve them, as long you are not stopping others’ dreams in the process.  


  1. Sometimes YOU are the problem.  

You have to understand that in some cases, what you are doing, might not be good for yourself or others. The outcome of your actions might cause something that you didn’t want. The key here is not to ignore it, but to realize it and be willing to change.  


  1. Learn to receive and give help to others 

People tend to think that they are only individuals. They believe they are self-sufficient and do not require the assistance of anyone else. However, it is through helping others that we discover our genuine selves and the success that propels us forward. 


  1. Good leaders have the ability to speak last  

When you let those around you speak first, you can learn a lot about their thought processes and help them develop a sense of self-worth. They are valued and given attention. 


  1. Always remember who you are.  

No matter how successful we are in life, we must never forget where we started and the foundation upon which we were built. Things are given to us as we move up the ladder, but they can also be taken away. Our origins and real selves are what make us who we are. 

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