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14 Ways to Market Your Business

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14 Ways to Market Your Business
How to do Business Marketing: Research shows that whether the business is new or old, you can increase your business manifold through marketing. Big companies in the market about which everyone knows. But still their advertisements never stop on TV, YouTube, Google, Facebook.
There is a saying in business “what is seen is what is sold”. No matter how good your product is, it will not sell unless you show it to people over and over again.
Table of Contents
• How to do Business Marketing
1. Register Free on Google Map
2. Register for free on Justdial
3. Free Business Marketing through YouTube
4. Free Business Marketing via Facebook Page
5. Marketing through business cards
6. Marketing by distributing free posters
7. Marketing by putting up posters
8. Branding the name of the shop
9. Marketing through local radio
10. Marketing by giving ads on YouTube channel
11. Marketing through Facebook Ads
12. Marketing through local newspaper
13. Marketing through local auto or taxi
14. Marketing through T-shirt printing
•           conclusion
how to do business marketing
Marketing can be done in all types of business-like local business, online business, national business, international business etc. Marketing has become very easy in the online world, there are many ways of marketing, some are free and some are paid.
I am going to tell you in detail about how to do business marketing.
1. Register Free on Google Map
Registering your shop and business address on Google Map is absolutely free. All types of shop like grocery shop, sweet shop, barber shop etc. can be registered.
The advantage of this will be that when any person sees the area around your shop on Google Map, then he will also see your shop.
There must be a Gmail account for Google Map registration.
2. Register for free on Justdial
Justdial is such a company/website from where you can find the address, phone number of any company.
For this it is necessary that that company has got its registration done in Justdial, it is absolutely free.
When a person searches the name of your shop on Google, then Justdial’s website will open in front of him and his address, phone number will be visible to him.
Justdial also has a toll-free number 88888 88888, by calling on this you can know the address of any company.
Let us assume that you have a TV and refrigerator shop in the city. A person is sitting in a village 50 km away from your shop and he wants information about TV of a company.
He wants to know whether you have that TV or not and what is its cost.
He knows your shop name and address but not phone number if he searches your shop name on google and if your shop is registered on google map then he will get your phone number.
3. Free Business Marketing through YouTube
You can also market your business by making videos and uploading them on YouTube.
For example, suppose you have a lady’s clothes shop and you know that the fashion of lady’s clothes keeps on changing very quickly.
As soon as you have any new design of clothes, you can make a video of it and upload it on YouTube.
Similarly, if you have a toy or electronics shop, then you can make review videos of the product and upload them on YouTube.
You can monetize your channel on YouTube by which ads will appear on your videos and you will earn from it.
This will have two advantages
First your information will reach everyone in your local area.
Second you can also earn money from YouTube, your video will be seen by many people of the country and the world, and if you want, you can sell your clothes or your products online and you can add your Affiliate link in the description of the video.
4. Free Business Marketing via Facebook Page
Creating page and group on Facebook is absolutely free. Create a Facebook page in the name of your shop and keep posting new product information on it from time to time. Due to which its information will reach the people for free. If someone likes your product, then he can come to your shop and buy it.
5. Marketing with Business Cards
You must have seen that a small card is kept at some shops. On which the name, address, phone number and photo of the product of their shop are printed.
You can also make such a business card. Whenever a customer comes to your shop to buy goods, give him this card. Some people keep such cards at home.
In this way, you can do marketing of your business while sitting. This card is made for very little money.
6. Marketing by distributing free posters
You must have seen that at schools, colleges, bus stands, railway stations and crowded places, some people stand and distribute posters for free to the passers-by.
This is a good way of marketing. It proves to be very beneficial for new business.
7. Marketing with posters
You must have seen that posters are pasted on the pillars near the road, inside the street and on the side of the road. You too can-do marketing this way. But you will have to spend a little to get the poster made.
Thousands of people passing by on the street will see the advertisement of your product or service during the day. This poster will be visible to people who pass by that way every day, so many people can come to your shop. Big companies also get their posters put up on the side of the road.
8. Branding the name of the shop
Whenever you open a shop, keep a good name for it, the name should be something different and different so that people remember it. Do branding in front of your shop in a good name design. This will store this name in people’s mind for a long time. Big company like McDonald’s also puts its logo on the biggest pillar for branding its name. Due to which people coming from far away can see it.
9. Marketing through local radio
If the local radio channel runs in the city where you live. So, you can advertise your business on that too. Many advertisements are done on radio in big cities like Helsinki, Tampere etc.
There are many people who listen to radio in the car while coming and going to office. You can promote your business to all those people.
10. Marketing by giving ads on Tik-Tok channel
If you sell your product online too, then you can promote yourself on Tik-Tok in the form of photos and videos. If you want to do marketing only in your own area, then this ad can also be shown at the regional level. If you can’t create ads for Tik-Tok then there are many freelancing sites. From where you can make advertisements for your business. like freelancer.com
11. Marketing with Facebook Ads
Facebook is considered to be the best platform for advertising, on Facebook you can decide your audience like age, gender, location etc. Means you can decide to whom you want to show your advertisement. For example, if you run a Ladies Garments shop, then you would like to show your product only to Ladies and not to men. While advertising on Facebook, you can select that this advertisement should be visible only to women aged 25 to 50 who live in Tampere. With this, your business will be marketed to the right audience in less cost.
12. Marketing through local newspaper
You can also market your business by advertising in your regional level newspaper. There are many ways to display advertisements in newspapers such as black and white, color and templet but it can be bit pricy at some places. Different types of advertising cost different money
Newspaper goes to almost everyone’s house. With this, you can do your promotion till a very large population.
13. Marketing through local auto or taxi
You can promote by putting posters on the taxis that run in your city. The taxi driver will put your poster on his taxi even after paying a small amount.
Taxis roam around the market all day. Lots of people will see your ad.
At the time of elections, the Party also campaigned by pasting posters on taxis.
14. Marketing through T shirt printing
All schools, colleges and coaching sell T-shirts by writing their name on the back of them for their marketing. You can also distribute T-shirts with the name of your business to your staff and some people for free.
Nowadays boys and girls like to wear t-shirts so you can promote your business to a lot of people. If people roam around the market wearing your t-shirt, then your business will be promoted.
From this essay you learned how to do any business marketing. Now you have to decide which methods of marketing you can adopt in your business. Marketing has to cost a little in the beginning but it increases your business. In the long run you can earn profits from your business and your business is established as a brand.
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