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12.5 principles of sales, are they only for sales reps?

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As the last book to read at Proakatemia, I chose to read Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness.

The book is about 12.5 principles that you should master to be the number one salesperson and to succeed in sales. The principles vary from kicking your own ass to using creativity to differentiate and dominate. Some of the principles are a bit odd and might sound unprofessional, but according to Gitomer, they are all equally important. The book makes it quite easy to understand and recognize all the phases that are required in making sales.

As I have done sales, I can relate to many principles that Gitomer lists in his book. Here is the one that I find the most important:

It’s all about value, it’s all about relationship, it’s not all about price. If you can provide the customer what he or she wants, in the end, the price doesn’t have a significant role. Although some customers will buy price, the majority of them will buy value. It also depends on who is making the buying decision. The book has a good example of this: “If you’re a hotel trying to sell a meeting to a corporation, the meeting planner is going to be much more price oriented and comparison oriented than the CEO who has the responsibility of the outcome of the meeting. Twenty dollars a night/room may be an obstacle at the meeting planner level, but it’s nothing to a CEO who wants his people to be happy, well rested, and productive for the real reason of the meeting.” The higher up the corporate ladder you get, the less price matters.

If you think the principles from an entrepreneurial view, I would say that they are very important, and not only in sales. For example: If you have just established a start-up, and you are thinking whether your price is too high or too low, think how much value it is going to give for the customer.

In addition to giving the most value to your customers, it is very important to find the right persons to be in contact with. This I can relate to. When we were gathering sponsors for our project “Kiuasmakkara”, I called dozens of local firms. I noticed that usually, I would most likely get a positive answer from a CEO, rather than from a marketing manager etc. This might be because the managers etc. were employees of the company, whereas the CEO´s were many times also the owners of the company. But I have to say, it was not that easy to get in contact with them, nevertheless be in contact with them.

All in all, it was a good read. As I have done sales in my life, the book was every now and then a bit boring. I would still suggest it, if you haven’t done sales, or you just want to know the perspective that Gitomer communicates in his book.

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