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Beginning of the new student companies

Kirjoittanut: Eemi Mäenpää - tiimistä Empiria.

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As some of you might know, I’m part of this years International Relations Team (IRT). In IRT I was chosen to run our podcast series with couple co-students. By making podcast episodes, I have had a privilege to learn so much about student life, working as a team entrepreneur and much more. I have enjoyed of making episodes and learn from other students. Also I have found out that podcasts are fun and enjoyable way to express myself. In the future, I will continue to make podcasts. I just have to find a great topic.


From the link below, you can listen my first podcast episode I’ve ever made by myself. In this episode we discuss with Tuomas and Tony about starting our team companies. What kind of strengths and weaknesses have we found in our team, and also what kind of struggles we have already faced? In episode we also discuss about the future. What kind of goals teams have set for them, and where we want our teams to be in the future? Make a note that episode is recorded in January 2022, so lot of things have happened afterwards. Somethings have stayed the same and somethings have changed. But here you can hear, where we have started and how things went in the beginning. Enjoy!