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The Secret


The Secret is based on the law of attraction. What you feel and what you think is what you get.


Everything is connected and your feelings and thoughts (conscious or unconscious) let off a frequency (like a message) to the universe. The universe in return grants all your wishes (omg). Positive thinking, good vibes, whatever you want to call it are based on the law of attraction, so whatever you put out there, you will get back and hopefully its positive, because otherwise life will suck.

According to the book, it has been scientifically proven that positive and negative thoughts give off a frequency, but we are lucky that negative thoughts are much weaker than positive ones. This means you dont need to get stressed out about tracking your every thought, but you should make sure that you have more positive thoughts than negative ones. So whatever it is that you want, you can have by simply thinking about it and constantly keeping it in your mind. You are like a magnet, and you attract whatever you think and feel. You can create your own future by simply thinking about it.

The law of attraction works with three steps. The first step is ASK. If you ask the universe for an Audi A3 you will most likely get one eventually. If you ask for positive, inspiring people to come into your life you will most likely get them. Think for a minute about your and how it has been going. What thoughts have been going through your head? What type of energy, mindset have you had today? If you could record all of your thoughts and feelings from today, they would most likely correspond with what you have received or what you are going to receive in the future.  If you started out your day joyful, eager and loving, you probably had a great day, but if you started out angry, afraid and tired you probably stumbled through your day only receiving the same things. You reap what you sow, do onto others as you would have them do onto you, i am my greatest enemy etc. are all based on the law of attraction.

As it was said in the book, we often dont let ourselves want what we want, because we cant see how it will manifest. This brings us the second step which is BELIEVE. The point is that you dont have to know how something will happen, you only need to believe that it will. The universe will always rearrange itself to give you what you ask for and what you believe in. For example, an entrepreneur has a dream of becoming rich and famous. This entrepreneur only needs to ask and believe in himself and his dream to make it his reality. Doubt on the other hand, is something this entrepreneur needs to forget about because doubt creates the feeling of disappointment, which will only attract more disappointment and the entrepreneur will never succeed. I use the entrepreneur as an example, because we have all heard stories of great successful entrepreneurs that have failed numerous times, but never stopped believing in themselves and therefore have eventually succeeded.

The third and last step is RECEIVE. This step starts with finding a way to feel what it will feel like when you get what you want, in business terms you could call this step VISUALIZE. By doing this, you let off the positive frequency of what it is that you want and you set yourself up to receive it.

By going through these steps, you will attract what you want. It may show up and your porch one day or it may show up as an idea or as some type of inspiration and/or motivation. Your only job is to leave doubt, second-guessing and delays behind and jump at opportunities the universe presents to you, in other words this means ACT.

For me, the great thing about this book is that i have a deep belief that most things that you believe are possibly, true or fact most likely will be for you if you believe they can be. Crazy things like placebo medicine is a great example. The fact that you can take a sugar pill that says it will cure your illness and it actually works solely based on your belief is crazy (cool) to me. I have noticed the same when it comes to sports even. Whenever i have really believed that i could win, i usually did, no matter who the opponent. The belief gives you such a huge upper hand in most all situations, at least thats what i believe and its worked pretty well.

I believe our thoughts and feelings become our physical reality , because i have experienced it. Something i will definitely take to practice in all aspects of my life, is that the law of attraction is real and whatever i can decide i want, i will get.