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Cultural Differences

Kirjoittanut: Matias Savo - tiimistä Promisia.

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It´s always good to understand more about other culturies. I was workin lasta summer one and half month at United Kingdom and it was nice to watch now, what those sites say about the UK:s culture. First of all I have to say that british people is really really really kind people! They always was helpful and every single person in hotel did say “Good morning” or “Hello” when I pass them. Surprising thing for me was the lunch culture. They like to eat lunch in same pub, where they go drink beer after work. And now it´s good to continue from food. Yeah, it terrible. Breakfast was just awful. Bad tasting sausages, bacon, scrumbled eggs and bread. No any salad, cucumber, tomatoes, cold cuts, nothing. And the restaurants was mostly really unhealthy. I did not like the British food at all.  This is not anymore about culture, but I was also positive surprised about the weather in there! The summer was warm and beautiful.

The next country I choose is Costa Rica. I have a feeling that it is really beautiful country at middle America. All what i can imagine about Costa Rica is coffee, palms and crystal clear oceans. Actually my teammates cousin is living in Costa Rica and we have possibility to go there to make our final camp project.

I was really surprised about the population in Costa Rica. Only three million people lives in there and most of the people are European blood. It was also new thing for me, how developed country Costa Rica is if you compare with other countries in south America.

It is really important to understand different cultures if you like to travel a lot or some day work in other country. The Globalization has moved us quite close each other, but there is still tabues, and different ways to do things, what are hard to understand or remember.